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Cowboy Snowman pin or magnet

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  • Cowboy Snowman pin or magnet

    Since everything is going on with this crazy crisis, I am taking Randy's advice and turning out some carvings! I am an avid reader, and they have even shut down our local library, so I am fresh out of library books!

    I am a pattern tinkerer, and I have previously posted some pics here of some small snowmen I made from Mike Shipley's pattern.

    On this little guy, I took the head off of Shipley's Cowboy Snowman, transplanted it on his Little Snowman project in his book, reduced the pattern to 65% of the original, and Viola!, here is the result. I took a better picture to give you a perspective of the cowboy hat.

    I have a 65%, 'full size', little guy with a cowboy hat that can be used as an ornament , but this can either be a pin or a refrigerator magnet.

    The downside to all of this carving is that I will eventually have to stop to paint!

    Hope you all enjoy!
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    It's good to keep busy and keep our minds off the current situation, we carvers are a lucky bunch in that respect.
    I too am an avid reader and likewise our libraries are closed to the public but fortunately, I started reading e-books on my tablet and the wife has a Kobo reader. Some people think its costly to read that way , and I guess it could be if you buy from Kobo or any of those buissness, but we are able to draw on our library's e-book source so it is at no cost. Maybe not quite as many titles as if we were using the library's paper books, but still plenty to keep us going.
    By the way nice snowman...
    If you're looking for me, you'll find me in a pile of wood chips somewhere...


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      Nice snowman!

      I was was spending a lot of money at the local bookstore until I discovered Kindle Unlimited on Amazon. For about $10 per month, I can read a book on my computer for no added cost. I thought at first I might have a problem using it, as I have a Mac, but the App Store had an app that lets me read Kindle formatted ebooks.

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        It is nice that we (carvers) have got something to keep our minds and hands busy. Any project is worthwhile, good job
        . . .JoeB


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          Nice carving and diversion from the insanity of the times. My wife is an obsessed reader and has a Kindle that she uses to read just about all the time. I read online, which is now gone insane. I have several books I read but there is still a lot of carving time, which I enjoy a lot.

          So we can easily escape reality.
          Living among knives and fire.


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            I like your happy cowboy snowman.