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  • wip ... please help

    after quite some time, i am back with a work in progress ... i would like to ask you for some help, as lately i seem to put all my carvings in garbage, instead of be able to finish one.... this carving is in a state, where to me it starts showing what i want to. however, i think i made already some severe mistakes, and so i am unsure if i should proceed, or put this in garbage too . i really need learn how to correct mistakes...sigh

    please, dont advise on how make her a beautiful woman, the carving is not about that. but, i would like know what you think on the eye area ? is this roughed out so i can make eyes now ? i have feeling i cut too sharp there ??? if so, how can i correct that ? the eyes seem already sit deep.... ??

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    Re: wip ... please help

    What are you talking about? I'd say you have the form down just right. About the only area I can see that might need to be addressed is the temple area. Just reach up and feel your own head there and you can feel the depression above the outside of each eye.

    Before proceeding with the details I'd suggest you study several sculptors you really admire to see how they handle the eyes, mouth and nose. The problem most woodcarvers have is that they are using tools with really sharp edges where a sculptor working in clay uses ones with more rounded edges. They can also replace material where they take off too much. You don't have that option so you have to be careful not to cut in too far.

    You're clearly on the right track with this one and it will be fun to see the rest of the journey.


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      Re: wip ... please help

      Your carving really looks good Doris, it's a keeper for sure.

      The face looks a lot like the step by step carving by Ian Norbury in his book "Carving Classic Female Faces" and at this stage of his carving the eyes look like your carving but the channel around the eye is a little more rounded.

      From his carving it looks like the channel at the top of the eye is not too sharp and will work fine when you carve the top eye lid, the bottom channel looks like it could be rounded a little more .

      I have not carved a head this size before and I still consider myself a beginner so you may want to take any advice from me with a grain of salt. hehe



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        Re: wip ... please help

        Doris, You've did a superb job up to this point, you've did right to back up and inquire either from yourself or others, what next? I think you need to take just a little wood from between the eyes at what I would call the bridge of the nose. The top of the nose would change to a bit more slope towards the face. Try this on yourself, place a pencil horizontal across the top of your nose, most everyone that has done this can see under the pencil. On your carving it appears you have hit it perfect but just a little deeper in my opinion would help. I printed the pictures and drew in the eyes, you have a great carving there. I think Lynn is also correct to take a little bit from the outside of the eyes too. I did buy the book Bill shows by Ian Norbury, his one comment really grabbed me, don't just look to your carving for answers, look at real people or pictures of them for direction. Keep on keepin on, you're doing great.


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          Re: wip ... please help

          Agree with Lynn on the temples, also a little indication of some eyebrows, start on the eyes and maybe a bit of sanding....not talking about finishing yet, this will change the whole image... don't you throw that away? You send it to me, I will change my address to "garbageman" LOL
          "Lif iz lik a box "o" choc lets, ya nevr kno whut yull git!"


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            Re: wip ... please help

            You are a very good artist in many mediums. Your web site shows that. Your work shows you know how to acheive the form you are looking for. I only suggest at this point you trust yourself , stop, take some photos , look at the photos through the eye of the lens, it will change your prospective and move you to third person.
            Then look at the work as if it is someone elses. Tell them what you see and trust your self to be honest with yourself. Then if you think it needs changed or adjusted make those changes. Your skills are there , your knowledge of what you want is there.

            To ask us, we can only see what we might change, that does not answer what you may want. The work is good, but only you can make it what you want. Your not a beginner , but as accompolished artist , you know what is needed, trust yourself to do it.

            Trust yourself and you will get what you want.



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              Re: wip ... please help

              Hmm!! Ashby Where have I heard that name. Are you new here?


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                Re: wip ... please help

                thank you all ! you gave me many relief. i dont know, lately always there is so stage, i cant not see my goal is still in wood... your words encouraged me, to relax, and then go on...
                thanks lynn, yes i not have noticed the temple area is too thick yet. ill work on here :-)
                william, dont know that book, but will look in library the next days...cant imagine i would carve so well it can be look like carving from book... and thanks on the discussion of the "channels", i think i understand what you mean, so only the lower one seems problematic....
                earl, yes i tried this with pencil on me too. and it works. works on carving too, i think, when i imagine where her eyes will be. keep it in memory to adjust this later if necessary...
                gary, no you are to genourous with statement. i still am beginner... each time, at certain state, carving looks so, well so not what i want it be, and i have hard time seeing if it still is in... but thanks a lot for your encouragement, maybe that is what i need most. thanks.
                hi ron. nice to see you. thanks a lot for your encouragement too :-)

                so, for now, i am no longer in mood of giving up on this carving...i keep you posted...thank you all