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Life size Snowy Owl

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  • Life size Snowy Owl

    Twelve years ago, my wife ask if I would carve her a life size snowy owl. I promptly laminated three big pieces of Basswood to size and cut out the shape on the band saw. I had purchased a set of drawings for the project, and was ready to go! Well, almost! I lacked one thing ...... the skill to tackle a bird this size and complexity. I, am not a bird carver! But I promised my wife an owl, and I had to fulfill that promise. It took me ten years to work up the courage and skills, necessary to do a decent job. In Feb. 2015 I began and it took a full year to complete, Feb. 2016. I usually work from draughts when I build a sailing ship model, and to me that's child's play, but working from drawings to do a bird is a whole different ball of wax!

    The owl itself is 23" tall carved in Basswood, and the whole piece stands 33" high. The carved fencepost was carved in White Pine and the base in Cherry.

    I'll be a lot more careful what I promise in future.

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    Bob that is one beautiful bird. I bet you got at least three wifey points for that one.


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      Great job! It took me about 20 years to get the skills and equipment to finish a little Carolina Wren. There is a lot that goes into carving realistic birds! I haven't attempted another since.
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        Bob, you should be very proud of that effort. Sure hope the wife likes it too as well she should.



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          It may have taken a while , but what a finish. Well done sir.
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            My Dad used to say " anything worth doing is worth doing well " ....and you Bob, have done extremely well on that owl. I'm sure your wife is pleased even though you made her wait .....................a while
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              Hi Bob, for not being a Bird Carver you did one heck of a Job on that Owl. I think you will be looking at it in your House for a long while. Very well done. Merle


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                Thank you for your kind remarks folks. My wife loves her Owl, it sits in a place of predominance in our living room, and sitting behind it is a beautifully carved inspiration piece, a Merlin, carved by a member of this forum, Hugh Parks, who was kind enough to send the "properly carved bird carving" along during my recovery from the car accident that disabled me years ago. That Merlin has been a source of inspiration to me for many years, though I regret that I will never match the skill that my friend Hugh possesses.
                Before they slip me over the standing part of the fore sheet, let them pipe: "Up Spirits" one more time.