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Two head cane topper plannd.

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  • Two head cane topper plannd.

    I can’t draw but I can cut and paste. New topper project it will be carved in either butternut or Alaskan yellow cedar. Not sure yet. Butternut if I do not paint. If I am going to use paint for the feathers I will go with the cedar. The wood color will be great for the beak. I have much to do in the next few weeks so may not get started tell after Thanksgiving. And a light brown wash should do well on the bear.

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    Given the detail, go with the butternut. Alaskan Yellow Cedar is not that much different from western red cedar.
    For annoying things like chip outs and generally soft.

    I look at that, thinking I'm going to need to really lean on it to stop from tipping over (sense of balanace upscrewed.)
    I'd think of AYC as questionable strength.
    Brian T


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      lookin forward to seeing that project.


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        While Alaskan cedar is a softer wood rated it is a durable wood used for boats flooring and outdoor furniture. I have used it for a number of toppers in the past but not a handle. The grip section of the handle will be about a inch thick excepted for the last of the beak.But your concern are sure worth considering Robson Valley. I will take some scrap I have and see how hard it is to make it fail. Even if I go with the butternut it will be good to know if the cedar is viable as a grip handle.
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          I can hardly wait to see the finished product! To quote a popular movie character from back in the day "I am standing beside myself with excitement".



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            Hi CB
            IAre your butternut and your yellow cedar kiln dried or air dried, I have used a lot of yellow cedar from BC that is air dried, have also used some that was kiln dried, there is a difference in how each carved, the kin dried was softer then the air dried. I love the look of your planned project, persoally I would go with the cedar


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              A very interesting looking project and a tough call between the butternut and AYC. While I'm leaning towards color I share RV's concern about the strength of the yellow cedar. Also, I'm not sure what color the eagle's feathers are going to be, but it may be difficult blending the color of the feathers into the color of the bear's fur. A butternut handle might look nice with the right amount of detail. It all may depend on what kind/color of cane shaft you use. *Just one suggestion, if I may...try to enlarge the size of the bear's head a little. It looks too small the way it is. Just my two cents.
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