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Nightmare and Barn Owl

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  • Nightmare and Barn Owl

    Woodcarving is so all encompassing in my life that I often dream about carving. Last night I had a nightmare. I woke in the middle of the night from a dream that I had carved off the tail of the barn owl I am carving. At first, I was just relieved that it was a dream. Suddenly it occurred to me that the dream was real ~ kind of!

    I was thinking about the owl and wondering how long it would take for me to relax and get back to sleep. Then I realized ~ the feathers I had carved on the lower back and lower belly were not tail feathers! The barn owl has a short tail and the wing tips extend beyond it.

    I had carved and burned the feathers on the belly some time back. Recently I burned the feathers on the back and did not like them. So I sanded them off and started another burn session. Yesterday~ I completed the burning. I drew in the feathers between the wings and carved the outline. This morning I am sanding off the lower incorrect feathers and replacing them with tail feathers.
    Backside full.JPGBackside tail.JPGUnderside full.JPGUnderside tail.JPG
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    That's one of the nice things about woodcarving, Paul, you can often carve (or sand) away mistakes and "go deeper." Looks like it will be a beautiful barn owl.


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        Great looking work Paul . Your attention to detail shows your love of carving and highlites your skill. While I lack your skill I also dream about doing carvings some times my best carving ideas start with a dream .
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          I like to have several projects underway at the same time. A few years ago I gave away a desert Santa. I had not realized that it was a favorite of Diana. I am carving another!!

          The peregrine is finished and I am returning to work on the barn owl. The leg inserts are in place using apoxy and are ready for carving. I think I will use a metal matrix and apoxy to make the foot and toes.
          owl legs.jpg


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            Looks like another pretty bird. Paul. Your Santa looks pretty spiffy too and do I spy comfort birds???



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              wow, that is going to be a great owl.
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                Looking good Paul, keeping your skills sharp and your hands busy!

                Before they slip me over the standing part of the fore sheet, let them pipe: "Up Spirits" one more time.


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                  Following my dream, I sanded off the "wrong" tail feathers, carved in new ones and have finally completed the burning of the "hard" feathers of the barn owl. Now comes the laborious task of cleaning out all of that burned wood. This will allow ~ a "hollow" for the paint, ~ will make the vanes of the feathers show up better, ~ and will make it far easier to use the lighter colored paint I need for the barn owl. I am using about 20 photos in carving of this piece and to aid in painting. Painting a barn owl is a scary process ~ especially the back which has a lot of different, but subtle, colors.

                  I am carving the legs down to size. The feathers on the legs of a barn owl are different to those on the rest of the bird. I am practicing on scrap wood and am using a photos of a "frizzly chicken" as somewhat of a guide. The feet will be formed of brass tubing, Apoxy and model paste.

                  I had initially thought of posing the owl in an old window ~ with a piece of broken glass in the corner of the frame. Now, I am thinking I might carve an old wagon wheel, with broken spokes and use that for the base ~ if it does not make the carving too large! The owl is full size.
                  Tail feathers.JPGBack and Wings.JPGFace and Ruff.JPG


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                    I made a decision on the feet for the owl. I am carving them out of tupelo. I am still undecided on the base.
                    P9090003.JPGtupelo feet.JPG


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                      That owl is some piece of work. Well done. Barn owl of course could be located in a barn, so how about a bran rafter as a base?

                      Just a thought.

                      Before they slip me over the standing part of the fore sheet, let them pipe: "Up Spirits" one more time.


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                        nice work Paul


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                          A good thought Bob and I am considering it. I did some drawings of a wagon wheel ~ will take as long as the feet on the owl to carve and I have too many ideas in the hopper. A rafter seems to be my next best bet. Those feet are proving exceptionally difficult carving. I have gone to the flexshaft and a couple of very aggressive steel burrs. The coin in the photo is 1".
                          Feet carving 03.JPG image_12980.jpg
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