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  • House warming

    They kids got their home bought. It was a house that had gone into receivership so you can imagine the stuff they have been getting taken care of. Whew
    They were going to try and have a house warming on fathers day, but that is not going to get done, it will be later.
    I made them a residential sign a while back, so I made this one to go with it. I'm hoping to get the paint dept back. She at a physical therapist today getting her back limbered up and a "dry needle" treatment. Tomorrow she goes to a chiropractor tomorrow and back to the PT Fri.

    What I'm thinking would look nice on this is just Danish Oil Finish in different shades.
    Fruitwood for background
    Top line of text=light walnut
    Second line of text=medium walnut
    Third line of text=dark walnut with the heart=red mahogany

    As usual, C&C welcome and encouraged.
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    . . .JoeB

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    That's really nice Joe. I'm sure they will love it.


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      Hey joepaulbutler - It will be a wonderful addition to their home. Idea: How about giving the capital letters a little jazzy touch like the following: I mean just the V-groove and flower (or diamond) on the main vertical part of the letter.



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        Joe, no matter how you do the finish, I'm sure they will be happy. Congrats to the kids for closing the deal. I hope your wife has a full recovery. Health is everything.


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          "Hey "joepaulbutler" ~Joe Please. Good point got to kind of study that over. The ones on the plaque are a little different design, Hummmm.
          Thanks for the prod
          . . .JoeB


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            Your finished sign looks terrific, Joe, and your unfinished sign will too however you finish it. Congrats to the kids on their new home and all the best to the paint department for a full and speedy recovery!
            Keep On Carvin'
            Bob K.

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              Hi Joe, Your Layout and Lettering is Right on and good clean cuts. With all these Steps going for it the Results have got to be Great. The Kids will Love it for Years to come. Merle


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                Nice job, Joe, Great gift


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                  Nikki, Pallin, Terry, BobK, Merle & Herb, thanks for the great comments and suggestions.
                  . . .JoeB


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                    I love the sign ...sure they will too.....
                    . Explore! Dream! Discover!” aloha Di