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Carved female nude

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  • Carved female nude

    Carved female nude.

    Hello, I would like to introduce you to one of my first carvings. I do not know if this is allowed in the forum.

    In USA you can not show naked breasts. Or is it allowed, if it is a carving?

    It is one of my first carvings. The figure still has some mistakes. I would like to leave her like that. It reminds me how I started carving.

    Best regards

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    It certainly is allowed and it's a fine carving...especially for one of your first ones. Carving the human anatomy is a tough way to start out.
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      Well done. Very nice figure.
      We live in the land of the free because of the brave! Semper Fi


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        Hello Bob,

        I looked at your web pages. You carve very nice things. My respect.
        You sell them too? Also to Europe?

        I saw that you go fishing?

        I also go fishing for over 50 years. I also build fishing rods. Fly rods, spinning rods and ground rods.

        My fishing waters are mainly the Rhine and the Mosel. The Rhine is a big river. He is one of the largest rivers in Europe.

        Best regards


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          Very nice


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            Originally posted by Tasmandevil View Post
            Carved female nude.

            I do not know if this is allowed in the forum.

            In USA you can not show naked breasts. Or is it allowed, if it is a carving?

            On here it is allowed if it is a study or very modest.....but I did a no no one time on here,... showing a wood carving of male parts indentation in a stool ....and the whole thread was taken down. Because children could see it ...... so Ok depends .....

            Another time I had a oil painting of mermaid ....and it was not allowed in any gallery shows because her breast where showing...... Some places do not allow naked anything....although it was ok to see breast naked on the TV. But art is art in my eyes unless it is porn based, that is whole different story. I went to art school,...we had four years at college drawing and painting naked an artist point of view is often not taken ....but you can see tons of naked women and men on the internet, tv and more.....I do not get it at all. But you did a great jbb of a study of the female figure.
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              Very nice carving and excellent form...hope to see more of your new work posted.
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                Nice clean carving, I've got broad shoulders
                . . .JoeB


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                  Nice piece of figured wood. Nice work.


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                    Awesome for one of your first and awesome period. I love the grain in the wood.


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                      Really nice work for a first.


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                        Nice carving, good job.


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                          Great job bet you had fun carving her


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                            WOW! Is she single?? LOL


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                              no, unfortunately she is married, with a piece of linden wood!