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  • Relief carving

    Hello all, I am just sharing this sunflower relief drawing .the pattern was in an old issue of woodcarving illustrated i got for $2.00.

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    Alpha, It looks like you got your money's worth. I am assuming that is a carving, not a drawing. Keep them coming.
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      Alpha, I just a little confused, did you do this carving or buy it. I would suggest deeper cuts and some more relief to the back peddles. A great start, just some of my ideas
      . . .JoeB


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        I agree with what Joe said. Deeper cuts and more under cutting of the upper petals will give the carving much more definition.
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          Thank you all for the comments , this my first attempt at relief carving, and may need an assortment of v gouges to detail this .I will try another easy one maybe you can whip my skills into the paint too much? Any recommendations would be appreciated.


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            You can up the appeal of this with just a knife. A little undercutting of the upper petals along with putting some curvature into the upper and lower petals will greatly improve the looks of this piece. But hey, for a first go, you've done pretty darned well.



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              I like your flower. It's been the first sign of spring up here for me.
              The last of the snow melted out of the spruce trees just yesterday.

              There's another way to cut a v-groove without always having one wing of the tool jamming into the grain on one side.

              Make vertical cuts with a straight knife to outline the pattern.
              Pushing one, then the other and turning the carving, cut the groove sides with a pair of skews.
              Lee Valley Narex 10S15.17 will do the job like many others. You really do need the right and left pair.

              You'll find that you can do a lot of the undercutting with the skews, the sharper the better.
              Brian T


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                Brian (Robson Valley) makes a good point. Skews are designed to slice through the wood fibers, where V-gouges take a brute force approach to the wood. If both wings are extremely sharp, it may work well, but if not one wing tends to tear the fibers. Your flower design compounds this problem because the angles (relative to the wood grain) change as you work around the petals. The undercutting of petals to emphasize the relief can be best done with a stop cut (by knife, skew, or gouge matching the curve) followed by shaving cuts with a shallow gouge.


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                  I want you to think of a thousand years ago. The waves of the Japan Current crashing on the west coast of North America.
                  Got any head for this? I can hear it. We all should. From California to Alaska.

                  The Asian rubbish that still arrives daily. A simple fragment of iron, sharpened as a skew,
                  is a profound multipurpose tool for the cultures and communities on the west coast.
                  Brian T


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                    The Narex gouges i own are top notch ready to carve out of the box and are affordable.
                    I have a Narex bent gouge set with left and right skew chisles as well as a straight ,v and u shaped,and a bent chisel.