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  • ~ ~ Santa Project 2018 ~ ~

    I have recently embarked on a Santa project to carve 36 Santa busts. They are 3 inches tall and may be used as a tree ornament or free standing. Some to go to the children's ward at local hospital, others for giveaways to mailman, waitresses and others to worthy individuals. Did a few last year- ran out early and was so bummed. So much fun to have one in pocket while Christmas shopping and give out randomly. Thought I'd start earlier this year. Much easier to do 2 at a time from 1 1/4 x 6 inch blocks. Plan is to carve all ~ then paint.
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    Great gesture on your part Pracuss. Those Santas should be very much appreciated. By the time I'd have painted number 36, the egg-nogg would have been flowing profusely. If you can, post some pictures of painted versions.



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      This is great.
      I really like what you are doing.
      I am doing a similar project but not in the amount you are doing.
      I am using Bob K 's Quick Wizard from Issue 79.
      Since I finally figured out which end of the knife to hold this project is easiest for me.
      I take then to shelters for women and families.
      Plus I like to hand them out to kids and others.
      Thanks for sharing your idea.


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        Great people do great dees
        . . .JoeB


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          Hi Pracuss, sounds like a Fun project , I'm sure you get a lot of Satisfaction handing them out. Well done . Merle


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            Great idea, and well executed!

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              Great gesture on your part and the Santas look fantastic! If you do one everyday you'll get them all done in time. There are 48 days left until Christmas!
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              Bob K.

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                currently doing 2-4 daily. Now that snow is falling in S-E Michigan, my other tradition has also kicked in ~ Carving snowmen ornaments. No snowmen till after first snow. Been doing this for 26 years.