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The attempt to repay a Huge gift

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  • The attempt to repay a Huge gift

    I haven't posted any of my work lately, but believe me, I've been busy, A while back I mention that I had gotten Christmas early, the approx. 2-1/2 cu-ft of Alaskan Cottonwood Bark. I want to carve something to show my appreciation, but Bruce would say what they would like. After about a week of badgering him every day, he finally said Vick would like a fur tree ???, for him, nothing is needed, true Texas gentlemen.

    Well, he has told about the bear encounters he has had in Alaska. With help of RV, I settle on some stuff for him. Then I could just not let it lay there,
    I did a clock.
    Except for the large fir tree, which is basswood. it is all CW from the shipment. The paint is acrylic. & I used a burner
    The tree is 14x12, the bear plaque is 17x4, and the clock is 7x10.

    Vickie's tree I made some decorations so she could gussy it up for the holidays

    As always C&C welcome

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    . . .JoeB

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    Joe, I knew you could do it!, and you sure didn't disappoint. Your friend will be most appreciative.
    If you're looking for me, you'll find me in a pile of wood chips somewhere...


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      You did the Bear Totems very well. I can look at that for a long time.
      They are all quite an accomplishment in designs and well finished.
      These will be great gifts.
      Brian T


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        Very nice Joe well done.
        Mark N. Akers
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          Very impressive to say the least, Joe!
          Keep On Carvin'
          Bob K.

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            Way to go, Joe, nicely done and certainly unique! I'm sure you friend will get much pleasure from them.


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              Mighty fine bunch of carvings, Joe!


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                Hi Joe, I'm sure they will Love those Hand Carved Pieces from the Bark they sent . Touching Story and Great ending . Should give you both a Good Warm feeling in your Hearts . Merle


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                  I do not know what the heck I am talking about but that never stops me ... That bear plaque really grabbed me. The images left and center are most obviously bears. But the image on the right - the bear footprint. The more I look at it, the more I see Snake coiled up and about to strike, all in the pad area of the footprint. Am I nuts?

                  All three pieces are winners for sure, but that plaque is a real attention grabber for me. The ambiguity of meaning (to me anyway) in the artistic design forces me to keep coming back for another look.

                  Good show, Joe.
                  HonketyHank toot toot


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                    Great set of carvings, Joe!

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                      Wow Joe, not only did you get some very impressive bark, you did some incredible work. I like the wet look you did like the snow melting on the tree scene. They are all fantastic. Great job.
                      If I took the time to fix all my mistakes, I wouldn,t have time to make new ones.



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                        That's impressive JP. You always seem to come up with something unusually different all the time.



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                          It almost looks likes it’s been done by different carvers.
                          How your wife used decorations is what I do also. I use beads and all kinds of jewels and hardware in many of the things I made.
                          I like the little tree house with the clock.


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                            Wayne~thank you Hope not
                            Brian~thank you & and thanks for the help
                            Mark~thank you
                            BobK~thank you
                            Arthur~thank you
                            Herb~thank you
                            Merle~thank you, I know it was important to me to do this, more than just a carving
                            Tom~thank you, I use Laquer Sanding Sealer
                            Tinwood~thank you, Just got ants in my pants, I guess, variety is the spice of carving
                            Spirtwolfe~thank you, Pam knew how much this met to me, so she felt I should work on it by myself, with the occasional peek
                            Honkethank~thank you. the image you're referring to: bear claws across the top, beneath on the right is a frontal view of a bear, on the left is a profile view of a bear.

                            I want to thank you all for taking a look and the kindest and considerate remarks!

                            Now to build a box for shipping→→→→→→

                            Got it done 22" x 8" X 6.5"
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                            . . .JoeB


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                              Nice work Joe.