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  • Be sure to read the entire description

    When I was work on the carvings that I wanted to send to the Paces, I order a clock, I was wanting a ±1-1/2" face clock when it got here, low and behold a 3" face clock, oh well just have to order another one.

    Well, the 3"er has been cluttering up my desk so I decided to do some4thing with it. Out to rummage through the CW that the Paces had sent me. Wasn't sure what I was going to do, just looking for ideas.

    Well, here she is, all 18". Finished with Metalic Luster (like of neat stuff) and Dark Walnut Danish oil and Some red watercolor.

    As always C&C welcome, without them how can I improve.

    Oh had to take down three of my already hung masterpieces to have some room to hand this one up. Among them was the first CW carving I ever did.=2009. I had just returned to carving after about 25 years & was reading everything I could find. One of the things I had found was carving in CW. Living along the side of the Truckee River, I figure it would be tough to find some CW to carve. The CW in NV isn't very thick and the pieces I found weren't very big, but I brought home the largest piece and try to do some carving on it. I've also attached a picture of this first attempt. This experience is how I eventually got acquainted the pace in AK, was to buy CW from him.

    Whew, you think that I had nothing else to do but sit here and type......Humm
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    . . .JoeB

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    Hi Joe, don't know how I missed this one . Your Imagination work on the Clock is Great, turned out to be a Beautiful Piece . Merle


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      Thanks, Merle, had to do something with the clock.
      . . .JoeB


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        Nice one, Joe! As a sometimes clocksmith, I'm partial to timepieces.


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          Thank you, Arthur. The only smithing I did was cut the hole in the bark & put a battery in it. The important thing is that Pamer is happy with it & my desk isn't as clutter
          . . .JoeB