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  • More house remodels

    It has been awhile since I posted here. But I have been busy working on house remodels. The first aspect of this involves replacing trim with carved rosettes everywhere. I started in the lower level of our house and the entryway and did the trim in those places. The other parts of this remodel primarily involve work in our entryway; a banister (we have a split level house), new front door and other things. Here are some pictures of the start of the trim process..

    The banister. The parts are all made for it. I am going to get all of the other parts for the entryway carved before I put it together..

    And a few of some door parts. I think I will be done with this part of the remodel in a week or two, and it is the part that I am most excited about so far...

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    Certainly a well done comprehensive project that probably takes a lot of time...but well worth it with a lot of satisfaction. Very nicely done.
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      Very ambitious project, Clayton! Looks like it'll be satisfying to complete. Keep up the good work!


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        Wow, very nice work! The trim work is going to be priceless!
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          I would almost bet this house never comes up for sale All show your high skills. by the way when are you staring on the outside of the house?
          . . .JoeB


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            Thank you! It is involved for sure.

            I think the outside of the house will not have many carvings. The door that I am working on now is an exterior one, but will be protected with a storm door. It is just a few days away from completion. I am quite excited about how it is looking.

            And yes with all this work that I have put into it we will probably keep our house for quite awhile.

            I will continue to post pictures of my progress.


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              Best thing about this kind of work....once it is done it will last well beyond a life time. And does not have to be replaced. Worth the time and effort. I need to do a few doors myself....great idea.
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                I hope your door project goes as well as mine has!

                Here is a picture of the completed door. The jamb is douglas fir, the frame cherry, the "ground" is aspen, the "sky" is maple and spalted maple, and the carved parts are basswood. The small round window that imitates the sun is plexiglass set into a groove in the main panel.

                The color was added with paint pens and acrylic paints.


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                  Amazing work and I'd be reluctant to use the door. You have a great looking house and as mentioned, you won't be moving or selling soon. Just stunning work.
                  Living among knives and fire.



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                    Thank you!


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                      Closet door fronts (79.5" tall) and stairwell divider top (60" tall) are complete. In basswood and I used a pattern that I drew for our kitchen project. Now all I have left to do is carve three hand rails, and I can put it together.


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                        Wowza yowza, those are some serious carvings. Looking good.


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                          Gorgeous work as usual Clay, your house is going to be a "wonder of the world" once you are finished, you'll be able to charge admission. What a legacy you are leaving behind when the time comes.

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                            Wow, your work is awesome and nicely detailed...what a dwelling you'll have. Enjoy following your progress.
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                              Outstanding work. Well done!
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