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The four seasons egg

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  • The four seasons egg

    Each year for our immediate family (the kid) I do a Christmas carving, plus one for us. They are all the same, no squabbling that way . I had seen a carving the BobK and done in an egg. So I order one up from Bob Stadtlander. It is basswood4-1/2"H x 2-3/4Ø. The Paint Department said she would come out of retirement to do all the painting.
    Anyway, I got them much much rough in. The pictures show some areas that need some work, but for now, I'm going to let them sit and marinate. Got the itch to try Lichtenberg burning the small kitchen table, it has got warm enough to open the sliding glass door and put a fan behind me to blow the smoke outside. I'll be keeping a picture catalogue as I progress.

    Anyway here is the four season egg, I would say that putting the hardware on was easy, but I won't.
    As usual C&C welcome
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    . . .JoeB

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    That's great. I got as far as glueing four squares together with paper betwen, and rounding (ovaling?) the four quarters but never went any further than that. Some day when I retire...

    Bob L


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      Wow, nice start Joe and an ambitious project...through my eyes. Can't wait to see the progress as you go along.

      Table? Please post those results...
      Living among knives and fire.


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        Ya, I'll tell you putting those 1/4" screws and brad in while trying to hold everything square.
        Got table sanded, but having problems getting it to burn, might try a little more sanding.
        . . .JoeB


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          Cute idea, Joe! Looks like a fun project...those little hinges can be a bear!


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            Hi Joe, you certainly are keeping busy . Good work on Egg so far. Merle


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              Arthur, they are indeed, whew
              Merle, thanks, just keeping the mind busy and not thinking about feeling TOPS (typical old people symptoms) all the time
              . . .JoeB


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                wow, i just had an idea , you could make up eggs like that , hinged, and sell them for others to put their own carvings into the segments. I for one would love to buy a few of them from you.


                photos at........


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                  Denny, thanks for the offer, but I wouldn't feel right about taking your money.
                  1. I'm not sure they are going to hold together.
                  2. They would be very awkward to hold will carving, I believe.

                  Get ahold of Bob Stadtlander - - Get the turkey egg

                  Maybe BobK has an easy way to do the mounting, are out there Mr. K?
                  . . .JoeB


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                    Great job on the turkey egg, Joe! Neat idea to do the four seasons. You are my opinion it would be far more difficult to try to carve the egg segments while they are attached rather than separate. Sorry, can't offer any tips on putting on the hardware. For me it was the hardest part of the project. Those tiny screws are real buggers to hold onto!
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                      What a neat idea! I don't know how big the hinges are, but when I need to attach small hardware like that, I use little brads and press them in with a channel locks. Don't know if that works for you.


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                        Well JP, as usual, you have gone and tried the unusual. And next a table?? Holy cow guy, you just don't stop do you? Nice job so far and looking forward to seeing all the results.



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                          BobK~Thanks for your comments, agree with wholeheartedly, only 6 more eggs to go

                          Sappy~The biggest problem is the hardware is straight and the egg is curved. I think I will try and shape the hardware a little before trying to attach them. then try super gluing the hinge to one side of the quarter egg before adding the screws, then mount it to the other side, there has to be a better way that the way I did the first one.

                          Tinwood~thanks, I'll start posting my progress on the table today

                          . . .JoeB