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    A couple of weeks ago I received an unexpected phone call. It came from 2 Returned Peace Corps Volunteers who taught at Malosa Secondary School, Malawi, Africa with me in 1965. Ann now lives in California and Eileen in Rhode Island. Except for Xmas cards ~ I had not talked with Ann directly in 10 years and Eileen in 4 years. The two were visiting at Eileen's home in Rhode Island and decided to call me.

    We had a wonderful conversation catching up on our lives ~ then the subject of woodcarving came up. I mentioned that I had designed a dancing bear to be given as a gift. They advised me that 54 years of friendship seemed to warrant one of my carvings!! I ignored the hint!

    Afterwards, discussing the phone call with Diana, she said, "Those two ladies were very special in your life. You really should carve something for them. I allowed as how I had a moose antler carving to finish ~ a barn owl almost ready for assembly ~ otters with fur almost burned ~ dancing bear in non-hardening clay ~ relief carving for the redwood burl drawn up ~ wood for a polar bear purchased.

    Then I started feeling kinda guilty. What to do? Ann and Eileen were roommates at Malosa and see one another at least once a year. What if one liked the carving I did for the other better? What could I do fast? A couple of days mulling this over ~ Eureka! ~ Epiphany!

    Several years ago I carved a fox at a Debbe Edwards, Wildlife in Wood Seminar.

    Latest 005.jpgLatest 007.jpg
    I visited her website and found that she still has these roughouts for sale. Why not by two and carve them for Ann and Eileen? Saves time and avoids comparison! I will not inform either of them. Just mail them out at the same time for a surprise.

    Double Foxes.jpg

    I will not take the time to put in the detail with that I carved years ago. The foxes will be pretty much the same. I will make the base of each,d ifferent design and size rocks and will paint them differently. I am almost recovered from eye surgery and, if careful, can do some "rough in" carving. I decided to work from the bottom up. First ,I went over the fox with a pencil putting in various detail lines. The next step was to use a veiner to deepen these lines.

    Bottom Up 2.jpgBottom Up 2.jpg

    I use a marker to accent these lines and mark areas where I want to take the wood down. The foxes are underway but I will not be able to go a lot further until the gas bubble in my eye totally dissipates.

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    Excellent idea, Paul and can't wait to see the finished ones.
    Living among knives and fire.


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      That'll work Paul. Good thinking and great gesture.



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        Looking forward to see what you do with the foxes Paul. Those two ladies are very lucky, you are a kind and generous gentleman my Friend.

        Before they slip me over the standing part of the fore sheet, let them pipe: "Up Spirits" one more time.


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          Paul, there is no doubt, you are the man!
          . . .JoeB


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            nice work Paul