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My electric etching since finishing 3rd egg

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  • My electric etching since finishing 3rd egg

    Got the third egg done & jumped into the electric etching. Eager to try new things with this process.
    The first six JPGs are of a cane that I originally did in '11 with just a carved handle. I always wanted to spruce it up a bit.
    Tupper part with a wood burning detailer, just my name, and some geometric design. the lower portion I did by electric etching, the sixth picture is of me use hose clamps to apply the electric charge to the shaft.

    The first plaque was another experiment I use an electrolyte of 1 cup of water + 1 tbs baking soda, I discolor the wood so I got thinking, as the burning is going it is drying the wood out, Not destroying the baking soda, so I just spray filter water on and away the burn went again, making it easier to bleach when done The second plaque I tried using a 9B pencil to make some directional lines, wet the surface, the electricity in the followed the carbon in the lines as well as branched out.

    I tried burning in HDPE. I wouldn't work (or at least I couldn't to work), I cut a slight grove added a pencil line and it burns just on the line, Did it again and then sprayed some electrolyte and it just burns a mess, Lesson learned

    Any C&C or question, feel free to make or ask.

    Back to the fourth egg

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    . . .JoeB

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    I really like the burning on the shaft. The gargoyle is also cool.
    Bill K.
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      It is very nice Joe and I really like #6 cane, #8, and the last one. I keep thinking about a walking stick I did for a movie director years ago and he wanted "lightening" on the your technique would have been perfect to do the stick. I did it by wood burning and not even close to yours.

      #8 is interesting with the flow around the dark spots. Lots of symmetry. The last one resembles a wood burned group of trees I did years ago. Nice burn flow and detail.

      Keep at it so I can keep learning the technique.
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        Those are so unique Joe, you are becoming quite the pro. How is the carpet under the black spot?

        Love the look of the two plaques. Tom
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          Nice work, Joe.


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            Nice work JP but I reiterate.....BE CAREFUL, that electric stuff can bite!!!



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              Hey guys, thanks for taking a look!
              Bill V,~thank you, I'm pleased but satisfied yet, much to try and understand about this skill
              Bill~thank you, Oh I plan to
              Tom~thank you, The dark spot in on a piece of HDPE, setting and a towel, So I'm not in trouble with the boss yet, just complaints about the smell
              Herb~thank you
              Tinwood~thank you, it is definitely on your mind and you can't let your mind get to absorb into that is happening on the board, got to remember the switches.

              Right now I have two units one transformer out a microwave oven=2,800V,50mA & one out of a neon transformer-3,000V,30mA. The microwave burns some deep trench, ok for some but I want more branching. The Neon transformer give some fineer branching but is painful slow.
              So∙∙∙∙∙The third kid is going to show up on the block~an oil burner trnasformer=10,000V,23mA, supposed to give me the results I want, they're all good, just going to have to learn to sue them, Just like with our knives, (Damm I hope I don't get as many of these as I have My knives
              . . .JoeB