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OK- Time for the opinion poll.

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  • OK- Time for the opinion poll.

    As I told Claude, there is a debate going on in the Butler household.I'm thinking these eggs need the insides painted to bring out the four different favorite holidays. Pam thinks that an oil finish will be fine for both interior and exterior. I think the Paint Dept has had too much time off and has gotten lazy (don't anybody tell her that I said this-please).

    So be being the open mind person I'm, I said "OK we'll let my favorite of all time, the site filled with the greatest and most talented people , decided. So, FRIENDS, it is up to you, vote with your hearts

    a little about the eggs:
    4" H x 3" D
    Purchase the eggs quarter & the hardware for putting them together from Bob Stadlander.
    In the pictures, in the upper right, the egg is put together, I've also enclosed a picture of it closed.

    While I'm waiting for you fine folks to vote for painting, I think I'll study the picture for any refinements that need to be done. Remember the polls close at 10:00 am tomorrow (or if longer if it would help me )
    You do not have permission to view this gallery.
    This gallery has 3 photos.
    . . .JoeB

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    Those are great Joe, As for paint, I would just paint them yellow on the inside. That is no yoke either. Anything that lets the burning show throiugh on the shell. I love it. All those liittle colored characters would look great painted, even though it is a big task.

    you will figure it out. Tom
    If I took the time to fix all my mistakes, I wouldn,t have time to make new ones.


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      Quite a body of work to your credit, sir. Can you imagine a color pallet for each of the holidays?
      Could you paint over scaled drawings to get a sense of paint importance?

      1) My first thought: these designs look almost like little pieces of formline carving. Very hard to do.
      That means that you can draw a line (or a groove) around the entire body of each figure.

      For formlines, paints are optional in the Pacific Northwest. Maybe none, maybe some, maybe all painted.
      For what these represent, I'd like to see "some" paint to suggest the holiday to the viewer.

      2) The outside needs a finish. I really like the colorless transparency of MinWax Tung Oil Protective Finish.
      One coat is satin, four coats is water wet glossy which should fit well with the sharpness of the electo-etch.

      Brian T


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        Thanks, guys, like the way the voting is going
        . . .JoeB


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          I say an oil finish on the outside, paint with a wash on the inside.


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            The burning is well enough done that they stand by themselves without paint. It all depends on the work and mostly I come down on the side of leaving things natural with a tung oil finish. When I first started in pyrography I fought the urge to use any color but after seeing how great some work was accented by light colored painting...I have reluctantly gone with some light colors...very light.

            Tough, for your work because everything looks nice as it is. I felt the same urges to not color wood carvings but now do most cases.

            I come down on the side of some light color and you can scan the images and "painting" them digitally to get a better idea. GIMP, Photoshop, etc. Anything too dark will ruin the visuals you have now...which are nice.

            So, yes some light color.
            Living among knives and fire.



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              You guys must know what a fine painter my wife is∙∙∙∙∙Whoopie
              . . .JoeB


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                Based on her previous work, she does an excellent job...way better than I can. You are lucky she is able and willing.
                Living among knives and fire.



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                  Originally posted by Arthur C. View Post
                  I say an oil finish on the outside, paint with a wash on the inside.
                  This was exactly my first thoughts too. Think it would look terrific like this!



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                    I like them but I do think the insides need to be painted