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What do do yo think Pam?

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  • What do do yo think Pam?

    And she said what is it, and I said I was hoping you could tell me. laugh.gif
    Anyway, I started off with a block of basswood~3"w x 4"h x 2"t. Using primarily Saburrtooth burrs, a little knife work, lots of sanding & some electric etching. Painted with Acrylic, Red Manoghy Danish Oil.

    But on the top was finished on the day that we had to put down our door greeter Tassie. So without seeming corny, I kind of think it reflects the way Pam's and my hearts feel that day.

    As always C&C welcomed
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    . . .JoeB

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    Joe, it's tough to put down a beloved pet...we've had to do that several times over the years, and it's not corny to feel the grief...your carving expresses it well.


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      Thank you, Arthur
      . . .JoeB


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        A heart-felt carving for sure Joe, Looks like you are all heart. Nice job.
        If I took the time to fix all my mistakes, I wouldn,t have time to make new ones.


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          i met that pooch personally, she was much more than a door greeter.

          photos at........


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            Thanks, Tom,
            Thanks, Den, she certainly was to us anyway, but with cancer of the nose∙∙∙∙∙
            . . .JoeB


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              Sorry for your loss, Joe.
              Keep On Carvin'
              Bob K.

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                At first I didn't see it. I thought, "Well, it looks like a heart". And then I remembered what you wrote. And then I saw the pic of your little greeter.....and then tears came to my eyes.

                We said goodbye to two of our little furry feline buddies this year, Oreo on March 6 and Oliver on July 3.

                Yep, that's how our hearts felt too. And it's always good to express your pain in art.

                I've tried but I just can't seem to get there.

                I'm sorry for you and your wife.

                Bob L


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                  Hi Joe, My Daughter has one that looks just like your Door Greeter , ( Harley ) , he is about 14 yrs . and doing Great but will be going thru what you are going thru now . They are Family and will be missed . Merle


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                    Sorry for your loss, Joe and Pam. The wonderful carving expresses your feeling well


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                      Terribly sorry for your loss. Our pets become family and it hurts when we lose them.


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                        Looks like memory art to me. Well done, Joe!

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                          BobK, BobL, Merle, Herb Eddy & Claude,
                          I just showed the responses to Pam, And as I got teary so did she, for all the kind responds. We'll be getting a rescue dog when the string of this loss wears off a bit more.

                          Thanks to all that have responded to the original post, This is truly the best web site I can imagine. . .JoeB
                          . . .JoeB