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Upcycling table and chairs to match dark oak effect sideboard

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  • Upcycling table and chairs to match dark oak effect sideboard

    Hello all,
    I'm new here and also new to up cycling and wood working.
    I've found this table and chairs in a dumpster 5 years ago on my street. Trying to convince hubby its time to get a new one. But for some reason I just can't let this one go. He seems attached to it too.

    I've tried to stain it to match a dark oak effect on a sideboard. I used a walnut stain. But it's come out rather dark and glossy.



    Now I'm just wondering if anyone has any tips on how I can start again and get it to look more rustic, unfinished and like the sideboard? I've now purchased:
    - dark oak effect stain (I think maybe the walnut was too dark?)
    - pure tung oil
    - sandpaper
    I already have
    - a sander

    Shall I just throw in the towel and buy a new one? Or is there hope to turn my table into a rustic masterpiece? (I realize that this is a skilled profession and I'm not very skilled in this area but will do my best).

    Got a baby on the way so trying my best to save and not necessarily wanting to buy a new set right now if I can get the look I want with this table...but if that is unrealistic I'll cut my losses.

    I'd love to hear any advice on this specific table and getting started.

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    This website is mostly about woodcarving, including the finishing techniques for carvings. Perhaps you should submit your question on a site like this: lumberjocks


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      Ah ok thank you. The reason I asked here was because I stumbled here by chance on a similar post. I'll check there then. Thanks for the sign-posting.