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Isolation in Whooping Hollow

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  • Isolation in Whooping Hollow

    My frien's quarantine and isolation has been a dichotomy for me. I thoroughly enjoy social interaction and my Physician has ordered me into total isolation. I am in the "extremely high risk" category with my health problems. Even Doctor's appointments are being pushed back as far as is reasonably possible.

    Diana, masked and gloved, has picked up needed items such as prescriptions. She returns to our car and rubs down with cleansing lotion and her clothes go into the washing machine when we get home.

    Conversely, isolation has insured a lot more carving time. However, my eyes do not focus in synch. This has slowed down my already slow carving progress. Not that bad a deal since I concentrate on detail in my carvings. I have a lighted head set with interchangeable magnification lenses. I am still trying to decide if the eye problem is a plus, minus, or just different. I now pay a lot more attention to where the tool touches the wood and where it is moving. Depth perception, up close, is almost non-existent. I keep comparing the fur on my foxes with the fur on a couple of bear carvings and believe that I have improved my work.

    Anyway, with the foxes off to their new home I am continuing to work on the barn owl

    IMG_1334.jpgand can "dry" assemble. I have a little more painting, and a major effort in attaching the carving to the base.

    Isolation does not require staying indoors and I can move onto the porch to work on the otters

    IMG_1385.jpg and moose antler . IMG_0835.jpg

    I have a bear modeled in non-hardening clay and a design for a polar bear. Wood has been purchased for each ~ with shipping exceeding the cost of the blocks.

    Anyhow, life is good here in Hoopin Holler.

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    Hi Paul , now that is some Fine looking Carvings , a lot of Detailing . Good Work . Merle


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      Paul, as you have the situation many do not. Your carving and the way you are producing is a tremendous way of saying " I just will not give up" and these examples you have here are so great. I can hardly wait to see the Bear. I am an Owl lover and would like to see another view of this one "if you can" . Thanks for the sharing and get better health wise too.
      Always hoping for a nice slice that won't need sanding!


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        Nice work Paul.

        While missing friends and family, I find I’m more at peace while carving not feeling like there is something else I should be doing.
        Stay Safe.
        Living in a pile of chips.


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          A couple of more views of the Barn Owl Base and Feet.jpgIMG_1336.jpgIMG_1205.jpg


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            I am glad to hear that you are staying safe and productive down there in your Hollow my friend. Sorry the eyes are troublesome, but I can see by your results that you are managing to overcome. That moose antler is something new, I hope Diana hoses you down before letting you back in the house! Stay well.

            Before they slip me over the standing part of the fore sheet, let them pipe: "Up Spirits" one more time.


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              I haven't checked the stats for Whooping Hollow, but the odds are pretty low even for guys at high risk. Here in Ventura County, CA we have 800+ diagnosed patients out of a population of 830,000. So, let's say 1 in a 1000. The fatalities from the virus are currently 29. I sometimes think of risky activities in my past that have worse stats.

              The isolation has given us more time to pursue our various interests. We have a spring garden, the two men's choruses I'm in are experimenting with "virtual choruses" on Zoom, and I finished that carving I started six years ago.


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                Good to hear from you, Paul, glad you and yours are staying safe. Nice work you have going there, I really like the otters!


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                  Always enjoy your post. Yesterday was the first time I've gone anywhere for two months & that was to Nevada Retina again for my eye shots, good new the spread my time from 8 weeks to 10 weeks. I know what you're talking about on the depth perception, got a band-aid on my finger right now to help heal and remind to look where I'm putting my knife, but I'm not about to give up the carving.

                  I bet working on that moose antler was an odiferous job, was it an outside job? And that owl looks like he/she is ready to come screeching at you.

                  You and your bride keep well and save
                  . . .JoeB


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                    Originally posted by Paul_Guraedy View Post
                    A couple of more views of the Barn Owl Base and Feet.jpgIMG_1336.jpgIMG_1205.jpg
                    Thanks Paul for the side pictures. Appreciate them and the mount is one of the things I was hoping for too. Did you carve the legs and feet? And a "Snake" .They are good lQQking too. Hey get well.
                    Always hoping for a nice slice that won't need sanding!



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                      Excellent work all around, Paul. Sure some nice work. The antler is superb also and you have done an excellent carving and scene. I wouldn't have guessed all the work was done with sight/depth issues. I had cataracts and that was a major problem I had, was with depth perception. I guess you reach down inside and compensate. You have worked around any problems wonderfully.
                      Living among knives and fire.



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                        Sounds like we're pretty much all in the same life raft!


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                          Your doing nice work in Whooping Hollow Paul. Like most of us I am also tried of being sequestered. I have not had a lot of carving time. I have had a number of this old house projects on the old house. Hoping to get back to the carving bench in a few days. I have gotten inspired by watching what some of your have been getting done these past weeks.


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                            Beautiful work, as always, Paul. Good to hear from you; stay safe.


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                              Glad yall are doing ok! We've been taking care of our 5 year old grandson and he is wearing us out! But we wouldn't trade it for anything. Just got to make lemonade if you get handed some lemons.
                              'If it wasn't for caffeine, I wouldn't have any personality at all!"