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try to put what I've be practicing to use

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  • try to put what I've be practicing to use

    I grabbed a block of wood and tried carving a full head just to see if what I been practicing on was yielding any results. Still fighting the brittle wood, he lost the tip of his nose and the back of his right ear. Going to try to do one of Jim Redhark's style of carvings, maybe try to do some marrying between Lynn Doughty's, Jim's & some of mine. I don't know what is going on anymore, it uses to be when I got through with a carving I was pleased to be done, I look at all of the great carvings on this site & I feel I need to do more

    Anyway C &C are encouraged
    . . .JoeB

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    There's a lot of work there. What was the total time spent on the carving? How much time was spent contemplating the next step? I think the eyebrows should be on the brow ridges. One of the dangers of more carving experience is the increase in one's expectations. I just have to avoid close looks at my carvings after I have declared them "finished."


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      Hi Joe,
      You are way braver than me. I wouldn't even contemplate doing a work like that as I'm pretty sure it would be a total failure. You on the other hand have done a pretty darned good job!!!!. I think maybe Pallin is right and the eyebrows could come down a bit. The shape of the head and hair style is looking good.

      In starting out I am finding it hard to get proportions right and the placement of eyes ears etc in the right places.

      Am doing a dolphin at the moment and have found that cutting the shapes out of a bit of paper and moving it around on the carving until it looks to be in the right place and trimming to a size that looks right is a great help. Probably no where near perfect but livable I think. Hope this helps.

      Oh yeah sorry for the confusion with one of the posts the other day was a spelling error. I have a mental block with the spelling of words. Can remember chemical formula and a string of numbers no problem but just cant get the hang of spelling words. Some days are better than others. I get my wife to spell check most stuff. I proof read this three times before posting it. posted it then read it again and found 5 errors. I mean sheeesh go figure!!!! Is a tad frustrating.
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        fine caricature Joe!


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          Let me start by applauding your courage in challenging yourself and moving out of your comfort zone. It’s not easy for most to do and I know it can be real uncomfortable.

          I’m going to start by recommend Ian Norbury’s “Fundamentals in Figure Carving” I have a copy I would lend you or you can get used copies online form Better World Books or eBay. He lays out a sound process that I more or less use when carving.

          Second be kind to yourself. Get a nice piece of wood 3”x4”x6” small enough to hold large enough so the scale is easier. Facial details are small even at that scale but more manageable than smaller pieces.

          Remember it’s a process of personal growth and learning. Here are some of my busts in order.
          Every one of them when I look at them or worse yet a photo I see such blatant flaws. I guess it is in our nature.

          Since I’m just started a new a new bust I could put together a tutorial if you’d be interested?
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            You are to be commended for reaching your skills out. I just do what I enjoy and am happy with that. You are far beyond me and figure you will eventually be happy with your efforts. Really enjoy watching your work.

            However, figure most of us have similar feelings.
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              Hey Joe, you did a great job on his ear. The nose and mouth need some work yet.


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                Well Thank You, Thank You!
                Palin, Thank You, Didn't really keep track, ±5hrs/5days. I agree 100% about the eyebrows, It was also an experiment, in my studies I've noticed that some eyebrow are high like that, but after I cut the first one in, kind had to go with that on the other. most generally I put the bottom right on the top of the eye sockets.

                Glen, Thank You, I too have always been a creative speller

                Herb, Thank You

                ED, Thank You for your suggestion, should have the book by next Mon. Sir your skills are a notch or two (may3-4) above mine, part of the driving force.

                Bill, Thank You,

                Joe, Thank You, I agree, the tip of the nose split off on me, If I was going to take this carving any further, I would have used some QuikWood and tried to rebuild it.

                This is what makes this such a great site to be apart of, Thanks again fellows. . .JoeB
                . . .JoeB


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                  Joe, Joe Delatte has a very good series of videos on YouTube where he's carving a statue of St. Claire, including face. He mentions things he learned under Ivan Whillock (who also has a good book on the subject) about face carving, and I think you'd find it interesting. I've watched them several times, and profit from it every time.


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                    Thanks, Arthur, I order the book that Ed suggested, should be here in a week. but yesterday I got to rummaging around thru some books that I already had and found four that I had forgotten about , so before I go any further I had better do some studying on what I already had & coming.
                    Thanks for the suggestions
                    . . .JoeB