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attempting a dolphin

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  • attempting a dolphin

    I think this is Ed's fault I saw his mermaid piece and loved the elegance of it. Was cleaning up the workshop and had a scrap of kahikatea that would make a nice wave so that kind of kicked off the dolphin project.

    Got a couple of days until the lathe arrives so I can turn the stick for the cane project so I kind of got diverted again.

    Have no show of doing a mermaid so thought a dolphin just might be doable and they are graceful creatures.

    Nearly everyone does them with the curved back in a big leap so I thought let's do it different. Have gone with a full power look with the dolphin shooting up out of the water skipping a wave. Might paint the wave as the wood looks a bit insipid.

    Am trying to show the power and grace of these creatures and to imply movement in the piece.

    Have started roughing out the dolphin and dropped it and broke the tail.( darn!!) Should be an easy fix with a bit of luck. Is a nice bit of wood with nice grain but is tough to work as it is a hardwood. Is slow going with the knife. Might have to apply power tools to it.

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    Hi Glenn, Good start . Merle


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      Nice graceful carving, Glenn. Paint the wave...or leave natural?
      Living among knives and fire.


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        Nice wave too.


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          This is going to be smooooth design. The contrasting colors are really going to set this carving off.
          . . .JoeB


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            Hi Guys,
            Well the dolphin is finished. the wood was super hard so it took a while to get the shape sorted. The dolphin is six inches long just to give you some idea of size.

            Wood Lathe arrived today so will set that up tomorrow and have a couple of practice runs before turning the stick blank I put together. First attempt at propper wood turning so hope I get it right and don't trash the blank I spent so much time putting together.
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              Excellent carving and composition. The piece shows a lot of motion and balance, Glenn.
              Living among knives and fire.



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                Hi Glenn , Very Nice , it has a lot of Eye Appeal . Are the Eyes Beads ? Merle


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                  That came out very nice. So did you ever break out the power grinder ? That's what I'd of started with !


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                    Hi Bill Thanks for the nice comment buddy.

                    Hi Merle The eyes are shaped by the wood. I carved out around the eye to give the head the correct shape then i cut the eye down to size and sanded it until it was the right shape. A dot of black in each eye just to bring the eye to life.

                    Hi Clearhooter The wood was very very hard so I had to use the dremel with a sanding drum on it to shape the fins. I would have broken them if I tried to do it with the knife.


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                      That's a beautiful carving, Glenn, and a really nice piece of wood, too. I thought the eye was a small marble or bead, too. Excellent job.



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                        Wow! Great dolphin, Glenn. The contrast with the wave is excellent.

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                          Hi Jim, Claude.
                          Thanks for the nice comments guys. I love these creatures. We see them a lot when out in the boat fishing. I don't know what it is about them but just seeing them somehow gives the soul a good lift. One day they came past in their hundreds the sea was alive with them. Was an amazing experience.