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3 piece bowl with eagle carving.

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    Hi Mark
    Thanks buddy.I love the Bald Eagle it is a truly majestic bird and I desperately wanted to do the beautiful things justice.


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      Hi Glenn , you have it set up to be a Great Piece . Gona look Great on top of that Beautiful piece of Wood . Merle


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        Hi Merle thanks for the vote of confidence hehehe.

        Got some more roughing out done today and got the body and wings sanded down to 60 grit. Hope to put some features to the head tomorrow all going well.

        Think I will do all the detail for the wings and body before I carve out the feet and talons as they will be real delicate when done and this way I have something to hol onto to work on it. Talons will be real tricky.
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          Had to have 2 goes at trying to get the head right. Still not convinced it is right but have run out of wood to play with so this will have to do.

          Had some issues with my darned hands playing up. Is a bit like a knife is stuck in the nerve that goes from wrist right up to the tip of the thumb. Does tend to slow things down a bit.

          Question : Have I got the body and wing shape right?? i'm not sure if the legs should be a little closer together.
          Hope to angle the forward pointing part of the leg inward a bit to ballance it a little.

          Merle your an eagle man . Is there anything I can do to make this look better???????

          Plan is to have the tallons around a fish with the fish being the anchor point for the piece. May add a wave pedestal to support the body not sure on that.

          Hope to start feather detail on the body tomorrow all going well.

          Comments and ideas most welcome.

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            Hi Glen ,I still think you have a Good Piece working for you . The thing that caught my Eye is his Eyes . I think if you cut,for the lack of the correct word , ( Eye Brow ) Deeper and a little longer to make him look like he Frowning . I think the Beak is to Round and should be more Flat on sides then Flared out a little to the Mouth then Rounded under his Jaw . The Rear View looks right on , the Legs I agree they look like they are to far apart and the bottom of the Legs are to wide , but your Detailing may correct this . I hope I Explained my Thoughts correctly and helps you . Stay with it . Merle


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              Hi Glenn ,I have a Magazine , The Illustrated Bald Eagle . that tells you all you need to know about The Bald Eagle , a lot more than I could ever do . Check it out on the Internet Net . When I bought mine it cost $ 24.95 , now you can get it for $ 14.95 . It is very well made , mine still looks like it's new and it has been used a lot . Merle


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                Hi Merle thanks for the advice. I knew I would have these issues with a full piece in 3D. Re shaping the beak has helped considerably and having done that The eye ridge does look to need to do half as deep as it is at present.

                beginning to think that I should cut the legs off and get the body shape spot on then fix the legs in the right position. Given that a lot of guys seem to fabricate legs and fit them I think it would be ok to do that.

                What are your thoughts.


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                  Hi Glenn , by making the Eye Ridge Deeper also makes the Eye Deeper and that will create a Shadow and give him an Expression . I Created Legs on the Few Birds that I've done . I recommend that Eagle Book Highly . It will give you answers to Questions that you didn't know you had . Ha,Ha. It's got you thinking so have Fun . Merle


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                    Hi Merle
                    I did what you said and I think it is better. What do you think would this pass ok or is it still just not there yet.
                    Have just purchased the book on Ebay. Want to do a Half size one one day. Bigger pieces for some reason seem easier to do. I think with small pieces just a fraction out looks not so good where bigger pieces are more forgiving.
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                      Hi Glenn , Take the Eye Ridge a little farther Back behind the Eyes . I agree larger pieces are more forgiving . I have wanted to carve a full size Eagle for years but never did . If I would do one I wouldn't know what to do with that Large of Bird, limited Space . I would not give up on this Piece, it is not going to turn out as Nice as your Guns but is a good piece to practice on . Keep in Mind that it is only a Piece of Wood . Wait till you get this Book , it will tell you how to do an Eagle full size and even tell you how many Feathers it has in some Areas . Don't give up on it . Merle


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                        Thanks Merle will do. If the worst happens I can cut the head off and glue on a new one hehehehehe. Or just start again.