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Thought I would go ahead a post up

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  • Thought I would go ahead a post up

    Not only am I working on my eyes, ears, I'm trying to also start with a blank piece of paper. Like I've said before the only thing I draw well is flys. But I've gone back to my mechanical drawing days and studied a bunch heads, noses, etc. Anyway, this is my latest carving, before painting, basswood, 5" T x ±3-1/2" sq.

    You know the drill, C&C encouraged.
    . . .JoeB

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    Most of the great artists and sculptors of the Renaissance were very good at planning drawing phases. Every once in a while, somebody discovers a volume of prep sketches for famous paintings. So be it.

    I like your drawing. Put your thoughts down on paper.
    I like your carving, it is a little departure from the drawing.
    Next time, bad side lighting will show off the depth of the facial features.

    My preference is for 11 x 17 copy paper for all carvings less than that size.
    No eraser, ever. Tracings all done on my solar light box (balcony glass door).
    All changes in colored pencils to compare.
    I have a Lee Valley pantograph modified with heavy aluminum arms not the light weight wood.
    Brian T


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      Hi Joe , you remembered your Mechanical Drawing Days Very well . Great Drawing and Carving . Your Determination is showing and that's Good . Merle


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        Way to stick to it. Each on better than the last, I’m a big fan of starting with a picture. Kind of like starting a trip with a map so you can get where you want to go.
        Living in a pile of chips.


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          Very nice Joe the carving and drawing are great.
          Mark N. Akers
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            Nice work, Joe!

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              Brian, Thank You, I got lots of erasers
              Merle, Thank You
              Ed, Thank You
              Mark, Thank You
              Claude, Thank You

              I've said before, my folks had a meat processing plant and I had a knife in my hands at the age of six, and the completion of the job was always paramount, so the speed with you knife was importante∙∙∙∙I'm finally breaking that habit and slowing my knife down a little, with finer cuts. still got a way to go-good fills the time.

              Again that to you all for the gentle reply.
              . . .JoeB