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Broke out the paint brushes this afternoon

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  • Broke out the paint brushes this afternoon

    This is more of a continuation of yesterday's post, got him painted up. Used WatconFruitwood Danish oil for the flesh area, Ceramcoat Mudstone w/ a 10:1 Apple Barrel Vanilla ice cream wash, for the hair areas, Americana ocean blue & Vanilla ice cream for the eyes.

    I feel pretty good about this one , but still looking for C&C
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    . . .JoeB

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    I like it. You’ve made so much progress I hate to CC but you know me.

    As always I cannot know what you’re looking for and I don’t do caricatures so my perspective maybe different. To my eye the face is still too flat when seen in profile you don’t see the other eyebrow. The eyes should be set deeper and angle back, and cheeks are behind the nose.
    You do not have permission to view this gallery.
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      Hi Joe , with all the different Names ( Colors ) I don't know if I want to Admire it or Eat It . Ha,Ha. I would Paint over your Burning Lines , they have done their Job adding Definition and when Painted the Shadows from the Burning will show . I feel the Dark Lines take away not Add . Still doing good keep your Mind Working . Merle


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        Pretty darn good Joe!


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          Very nice Joe,the colors look great.
          Mark N. Akers
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            Nice one, Joe. Looks like he's deep in thought


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              Ed, Thank you, I sometimes think I'm getting too deep with the eyes, These pictures I tried to turn the face more into the camera, maybe that causes the face to look flat. Seen from the side shouldn't you only see one eyebrow? Thanks for the constructive ideas

              Merle, Thank you, I'll try that on the next one

              Herb, Marks & Ron Thanks for the considerate comments

              . . .JoeB


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                Looking darned good Joe, Hey ah I've got a house needs painting if your of a mind hehehehe. So what's the next project?? I'm still on hold till the thumb heals up properly.



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                  So do I . I'm trying a relief carving, of a person with their head turned a bit. Thought I was finished, but after looking at the picture think I've got more work to do.

                  Thanks for taking a look, and the nice comment
                  . . .JoeB