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    Hi Claude
    Thanks for the nice comment mate. Still having issues getting the finish to dry but the wood is slowlyy sealing up with each coat . Another week or two should see that side of the project done. I wanted to get a pretty good finish on it as it is really nice to play and the sound is just great.

    You are right it is a labour of love. I now have 17 guitars with the one I just built. They become addictive heehhehe.

    The next one will be a Taylor T5 copy. Made from flowering cherry wood. Now that will be interesting. hehe.


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      Will it be acoustic or electric? They are certainly a high dollar gitar
      . . .JoeB


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        Hi Joe
        The T5 is electric. Will be a new direction in guitar building for me.


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          Hi Guys,
          Well it is finished reasonably well now and probably as good as I will get it. Love this beast to play. Given how good she sounds I would have kept it even if I couldn't get a reasonable finish on it.

          In the end I found the best method was 3 coats of tru oil then rub it back with steel wool. Did this 3 times before I started to get some sort of finish. Then I found diluting the tru-oil 30-50% got best results for a shine once the wood was well sealed up.

          Has been a real effort to make this build good but so glad I didn't give up on it. Perseverance paid off in the end.

          The project supervisor wouldn't get out of bed to sign off on the project. Lazy beast.
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            Glenn I'm simply amazed! He wouldn't get out of bed?!?! Must have been the weight of the blanket holding him down. Lol

            Oh! Your guitar is AMAAAAZZZZING!! I am always mesmerized by the beauty of wood--and that's in its raw form. You have taken it and made it a jewel. I can only imagine how good the tone must be.

            Well done!



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              Well, one thing about it Glen, when you're strumming it, you won't have to turn your back to the audience to hide where the good sound is coming. The project nicely accomplished!
              . . .JoeB


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                Glenn, what a bueatiful instrument, it came out very nice, love the wood grain, absolutely magnificant.
                Mark N. Akers
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                  Hi Bob, Joe, Mark,
                  Thanks for the nice comments guys. I am a real sucker for fancy wood grain and just love it. It is a lot of work though to get a finish on it so that the grain just seems to pop right out in all its glory. But it sure is worth the effort when it works.

                  I quite often pick up a piece of wood with nice grain and look at it from all angles trying to think of the best use I can put it to to display the grain. Sometimes I just cant see it so I put the piece down again until the day comes when I can see what will make the best of it. Some I have a plan for and put aside until my skills get good enough to have a go at it. Seems a shame to risk making a mess of a nice piece of wood.


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                    Hi Mate, after all is said and done Buddy you have produced one Hell of a piece of Art . You are Definitely a Professional in many Fazes of Wood Working . I enjoyed the Trip that you took us on in making the Guitar , I have taken Notes and now I'm going out and making one just like yours . Ha,Ha. Laugh for the Day . The only thing I can get Music out of is a Radio . A Piece to be very Proud of . Merle


                    • Hi Merle
                      Thanks mate that means a lot coming from someone as skilled on the tools as you are. Hey if you DID build a guitar you would have the incentive to learn how to play it hehehehehe. Think how many eagles YOU could manage to get on one hehehe.