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  • The Line-up Ready To Paint

    Haven't been able to get to the carving bench much since Sat. Sunday there was a honey due list & bills to pay , Then Mon. had to see the Retina Doc get the 11-week shot in both eyes so you might say that day was shot. Spent most of the day cleaning and burning.

    C&C are welcomed

    After JoeVM comment may I should have called the carving∙∙∙∙Who Did It
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    . . .JoeB

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    I’ll be eager to see how you paint it. Great expressions and lot of energy... my first thought was the movie 12 angry men!
    Always covered in chips.


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      Hi Joe,
      Well done mate. You have a real talent for these types of pieces. Nice job on leveling out the background as well . The painting is going to really make this piece. Going bush tomorrow for 4 days so look forward to seeing it when I get back. Freezer is getting low on meat so time to top it up again. Hope we get one!!!


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        Very nice expressions, Joe, and looking forward to the painting.
        Living among knives and fire.


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          Joe very nice, title is appropriate, there all saying who did it, very nice carving.
          Mark N. Akers
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            JerseyGril, Glen, Bill, Mark, Thanks, spent yesterday stain the background with Tannins solution & Iron acetate, need to get the butt in gear and do some painting, still doing some reading on color theory, paint sinks in fast the theory.
            . . .JoeB