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  • Kicking my rump

    Saw this on the computer the other day, and was looking for something to do.

    I started with a piece of basswood 3-1/2" xd 4" x 1".

    Just having a hard time moving the image from the picture, to my mind, then to the wood. (wonder what that is a sign of/) anyways have spent the better of the week's afternoons on this so far. these are my new effort of using pictures to improve the looks of the carving.

    I by no ways close to calling it quits on this carving, just going to do some picture studying, any comments are always well received
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    . . .JoeB

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    This one is unusual Joe. Looking forward to see it unfold into the finished article. Cant offer any advice as you are way ahead of me on this style of work.


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      Some kind of spirit on a scroll maybe its trying to convey a message?

      I like it its unique to me.

      What do you use to shape the smoothness? Looks like clay had to look twice.


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        Joe, is this to be a greenman?


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          Hi Joe , I think your doing fine , just looks unfinished .more Detailing on the whole Piece . Right now it looks like a Rough out . It's got you thinking, keep studying the Picture ,you'll get it . Merle


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            Keep at it Joe!


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              Originally posted by joepaulbutler View Post
              Just having a hard time moving the image from the picture, to my mind, then to the wood.
              If the picture is on your computer, try printing it on paper. Maybe you've done this in order to fit the image to your wood. Study specific parts of the image - the nose, mouth, hair, the shape of the scroll ends. Mentally break it into pieces and spend time studying each piece. How do they change as you go from a 2d image on your computer screen to 3d? What is their final texture in your mind?

              It looks to me that you shape the various parts with your tools and then sandpaper the shapes. You should be near the final form before any smoothing. What is it that accentuates the lines? Do you have pencil, pen or stain in the grooves?

              There is a "right brain function" that sometimes steps in and says, "This isn't quite right." The answer may not come from analysis (a left brain function). Listen to your brain. Slow down. Tune into how it "feels."


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                Hi Joe
                Pallin said it all just beautifully with his very expert method. Wisdom from a master on the chisels and knives has to be good !!

                I am a great believer in the "tune in to how it feels " comment often your instincts are the best guide as they often take you where you wouldn't normally go.


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                  Thanks for all the swell comment and suggestions

                  Glen, Thank you for both of your comments, I guess my letting a carving "marinate" is about the same as "tune in to how it feels "

                  Eric, Thank You, elbow grease . To finish, I use fine diamond burs and sandpaper from 80 grit to 220-320 grit.

                  Arthur, Thank You, I not sure what it is supposed to be. Saw it on a Webb site for sale, and it applied to me, so I made a screen capture of it and the rest as they say is history.

                  Merle, Thank You, At this point, I just try to bring it to life, haven't had much time to study the picture, even shot one upside down so I could use one of your prior suggestions

                  Herb, Thank You

                  Palin, Thank You, I find something I would like to try on the internet, then do a screen capture of the image, size it what I need, then do a reverse image of it and copy it to "Yupo Medium" which will allow me to transfer the pattern to the wood. With the pattern on the would I use a 1/32" dentist drill bit in my Mastercarve~Micro Pro handpiece and cut the pattern into the wood. As I start to remove the wood I will recut the lines I need to until I get to what I feel is the desired depth. It is at this point the right side and left side go to doing their ducking out

                  Again thank you for the support, time to start studying some pictures

                  . . .JoeB


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                    Joe... I've been whittlin/carvin since the late 80's and I still find it a challenge to go from a picture to a 3-dimensional figure. Perhaps that's why my repertoire is so limited. I tend to tackle what I know, or at least think I know, best!


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                      Looks to me like a well-weathered decorative marble carving from Ancient Rome or Athens. Converting 2D to 3D is always a challenge - sometimes fun, sometimes not...

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                        And you do your work well Eddy

                        Claude, that what I was thinking also, but it is still kind of different????

                        I agree with both of you, it is a challenge sometimes (most of the time), thanks for your comments
                        . . .JoeB


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                          Well calling it quits for the night, going let thing soak for the night. One eye got lazy on, plus the wood did some flaking. Do some picture studying tomorrow
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                          . . .JoeB


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                            Hi Joe.
                            The piece looks to be coming along pretty well. Think maybe the right eye needs a bit taken out around to top of the eye to bring it up to the same size as the left which will help make the eye lid look closer to the one on the left. Maybe a bit taken off the top of the eye lid to define its shape and size to ballance the other one. You have got nice detail in the beard!!

                            That,s my 2 cents worth for what its worth. I'm sure you will nail this. You are getting pretty good at these types of pieces now. !!!! The masks you did were very very good.


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                              Looks like a five-hundred-year-old marble design. I am not clear on what kind of look do you want? But you got one eye looking ahead and another eye looking to the side, and the bottom teeth with the mouth open would not look that way unless he had buck teeth or if his head turned downwards, teeth on the bottom would be slightly forward but more straight up,....go look in the mirror at yourself to see the anatomy. Or is the face made to look like this on purpose? I often use the mirror to see just how the face in position or an anatomy face drawing of expression to see how things look. This image is a man yelling look at his teeth positioning. Although, I am unclear what kind of expression you are trying to go for? but the teeth although would remain the same. I think also decide the emotion you want and make that more clear...talking, yelling, angry, confused?? what. You have done emotion in the past, I think this is might be your issue?? Also, another issue wood to darn small to do such detailed work, smaller means fewer mistakes and room to carve.... in my book of opinions> .. unless you're trying to drive yourself nuts....LOL Would I change it???, depends on the end result that I wanted. b8b728bd8666b30e433b9d5ece227435.jpg