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I'm calling this on Long Bros #1

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  • I'm calling this on Long Bros #1

    Saw a drawing by Kevin Keele the other day, then I saw another similar by a different artist, so I'm going to be calling them Long Bros #1 & Long Bros #2.

    4" x 6" x1" basswood

    C&C's of coarse welcomed
    You do not have permission to view this gallery.
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    . . .JoeB

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    I don't recall JoeB posting carvings in the last year or so.
    I suspect he just sells them; he's probably rolling in dough.

    'Long Bros' isn't a youngster; he seems very old.
    But my gosh, I think this carving might win Joe a gold.

    I don't know how Joe'd cope; with winning a prize.
    He's seems very modest; he's that kind of guy.

    So I'm taking this opportunity to pat Joe on the back.
    If I had some money; I'd buy him a plaque.


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      Have to Agree with Rodster Joe. Totally nailed it mate, That has got to be the saddest looking dude on the planet Either that or he just sucked on the souest lemon on the planet.

      Think you have found your niche mate.

      This one is just classic.

      Hey here is a challenge. Do a selfie heheheheh.


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        Joe - Your Long Bros are lookin' good! Is some of the shading from the way you illuminated the carving for the photo?

        Could it be that our carving interests are converging? This is my present project:

        You do not have permission to view this gallery.
        This gallery has 1 photos.


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          Nice carving Joe and the deep facial features accent it well. A+
          Living among knives and fire.


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            Pretty interesting carving, JoePaul. You are developing your own style. Keep up the good work!


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              If this fellow had a pitch fork next to him, he would like he stepped out of "american gothic"


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                A sure enough sad sack I like him Joe!


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                  Hi Joe , Great Carving and Detailing , probably one of your Best . I still think if you would Paint over the Burnt Lines then Antique it would take it a Step Higher and put more Life into Him . Just saying my Friend . Merle


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                    I enjoy your face carvings Joe. They have so much personality. Well done
                    We live in the land of the free because of the brave!



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                      Dang, I'm going to get typer's cramp thanking you all

                      Rodster, Thank You, ben for posting since '09 & have never sold a thing, but now that I've made it into one of Rodster's great ballards, it has all been worth it.

                      Glen, Thank You, His brother is going to look about the same (I hope))

                      Phil, Thank You, It is probably a little of both. I use a Mastercaver Micro-Pro with a 1/16" to cut my original image onto the wood and it burns as it cuts, then taking pictures from my carving bench I have lighting on either side and above.

                      Bill, Thank You, I was having a problem with the way it was looking, I had read someway that going deeper sometimes takes care of the problem, I was a little apprehensive, but I keep easing it down and finally quit.

                      Kris, Thank You

                      Sappy, Thank You, I think the Long Bros a second cousins.

                      Herb, Thank You

                      Merle, Thank You, Your suggestion will be coming up

                      Randy, Thank You

                      You all be most kind with your remarks & suggestion

                      . . .JoeB


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                        Great carving, Joe! It shows lots of character!

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                          Very nice Joe, what a great caricature and a expression.
                          Mark N. Akers
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