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    I made a jambalaya spoon for my son a few years back and just noticed it has a largish chunk missing from the front of it. I think this one was walnut. So, for a little treat for him, I made another. This one, like the previous one, is 16 inches long and about 7/8 inch thick on the rest. His jambalaya pot is pretty good sized and he wanted one this big so he can make a full pot and still be able to stir it.


    I picked up a piece of curly maple (Acer spp.) at the local hardwood lumber store and proceeded with that. After cutting out the outline on the bandsaw, I clamped it to my bench and began hollowing out the bowl.


    After a bit, I had it down to 1/4 inch depth, roughly. I figured by the time I smoothed it out, it'd be close to 3/8 inch deep.


    You can see, I hollow the bowl before I round off the back - makes it more stable on the workbench.

    Now hollowed out, and the back of the bowl rounded. The handle is also rounded on the corners. I left it mostly square so it would be less likely to twist in his hand when he's using it. I used a different radius for each of the front corners to make it easier to get close to the curve in several different pots.

    IMG_7046.jpeg IMG_7047.jpeg

    IMG_7048.jpeg IMG_7049.jpeg

    And here it is after the sanding. I did the basic sanding with 100 grit, then switched to 220 grit for the smoothing. When it was done, I then wet all over in the kitchen sink, dried it with a hair dryer, then sanded with a used piece of 220 grint. Did that cycle twice, then switched to 400 grit and did the wet/dry/sand cycle twice more. At the end of that, it was still smooth after wetting and drying it. After it was all dry. I followed Brian T's recipe of 325° oven for 3.5 minutes with olive oil slathered all over it. The oil really brings out the grain of the maple.




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    Nice one claude. That should last him for years.


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      That is exactly what a kitchen prep spoon needs to be. Should last a life time, finish and all.
      Brian T