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Vase with pyrography Making the best of a damaged bit of wood.

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  • Vase with pyrography Making the best of a damaged bit of wood.

    Hi Guys
    This is another piece of the chestnut block with the bad crack up the middle. I had thought that I might be able to turn the damaged section out but it didn't turn out that way as it ran off centre through the block.

    Wanted to save the wood as the grain was nice so having turned the vase I used very thin superglue in the cracks as a start as it gets right down into the finest crack. Once dry I then used araldite epoxy glue to fill the cracks leaving just a little space so I could apply some coloured filler to the cracks.

    I stained the inside of the vase to help hide the crack repair on the inside and may paint it matt black. This has also highlights the rim of the vase and makes it stand out.

    The large crack showing on the outside, I had no way hide it so filled it with black filler and made the crack part of the artwork done with pyrography.

    It has had two coates of tru-oil and I think I will leave it at that and just give it a couple of coats of Maxwax.

    Pretty happy with the outcome and the grain is showing up nicely so this one is a keeper I think.
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    Clever repair job, well done!


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      "Turned" out beautiful! Nice save of some nice wood!


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        Hi Glenn , That's using your Old Kidney to come up with those Repairs and Hiding them . Ended up with a Beautiful Piece . Merle


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          Nice work, Glenn. The pyro looks great on it!

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            I have seen some master craftsmen use black pigment epoxy in cracks and sand it out. I have yet to try the method. But great usage of a crack, with the wood burner design you can not tell it, is a fill job at all. Really pretty piece.
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              See, if you hadn't open your mouth, we would have never known there was a crake on the outside , a great save for a good-looking vase. You must have a good source for your different woods.
              . . .JoeB


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                Hi Guys ,
                Thanks for the nice comments.

                Hi Joe with regard to woods I have my nose into any piece of the stuff I see laying around but I get some good stuff from a company the fells trees and they cut the stuff up and sell it . I also have a few mates that keep an eye out for me for different woods that crop up from time to time. I have enough wood stashed under the house to keep me going for a few years.


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                  Hey Glenn, awesome job, is Chestnut wood something that is easily avaiable over in Australia?
                  Mark N. Akers
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                    Fine work, Glenn, and overall it is a well done piece. The pyro work really gives it a nice accent.
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                      Hi Mark,
                      I'm in New zealand and the wood is pretty rare as it hasn't been planted in any quantity . Just the odd tree here and there. Very lucky to have even got my hands on some.

                      Hi Bill
                      Thanks for the nice comment mate.