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This guy reminded of Geico's gecko, maybe a standing

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  • This guy reminded of Geico's gecko, maybe a standing

    This guy showed up on Pinterest the other day and it just reminded me of the gecko, but after I got him carved and painted, he looks more like s Supt on a highway flagging crew

    I order some new wood and screwed it up, I ended up with 12-3x4x1 instead of 12-3,12x1. I to shrink up even more than what I have been doing . In this particular piece, the grain ran from the left to the right at a 45° to the front of the carving, which for me anyway, made for some interesting carving.

    The background is the same stuff I've been using, painted with acrylics, antiqued with my home mixture & a coat of Feed-N-Wax.

    Let me have your C&C's
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    . . .JoeB

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    A handsome fellow Like those green eyes Good job, Joe!


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      Another keeper Joe. Well done. I In my teens I work on a HWY flaging crew, you need to have your eyes wide open. Some drivers are crazy!
      We live in the land of the free because of the brave!


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        Nice expressive carving, Joe. Detail is good also.
        Living among knives and fire.


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          Herb, Randy, Bill, Thank you for your most considerate reply & Ed for stopping by. The eyes might get darkened a bit, funny what a picture tells you.

          Going to do some more eye and ear studies for a while, will be watching but not posting much.
          . . .JoeB


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            hi Joe , another Great Carving on showing Expression . Your Interest and Determination is Paying off . Good Job. Merle


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              Thanks, Merle
              . . .JoeB


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                Hi Joe nicely carved and painted mate. Think Herb is right the eyes give the piece a nice lift.


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                  Thanks, Glenn, I'm thinking that I was thick ing about the gecko than a real color of eye green
                  . . .JoeB