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Working on my ear carving

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  • Working on my ear carving

    This the result of a couple of weeks of practice on the ears carvings and my hand .

    Most of my caricatures heads are 2-1/2 to 3" wide by 3-1/2" high by 3"-3-1/2" deep.

    A realist ear for this size of carving is is ±1-1/4" by 3/4"& standing out about 9/16" at the top and 3/8" at the bottom.

    I'm having trouble holding the detail I would like without some flacking and chipping, as you can see by the attempts to repair as you can see on 1 - 6 & 7. I've been using the 50/50 mix of water & alcohol and it helps, but∙∙∙

    I think I'll let the image of the ear marinate in my mind and work on eye carvings for awhile.

    Any C&C or other ideas are more than welcome

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    . . .JoeB

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    Hi Joe
    Cant help you with this one as you are way ahead of me on that sort of work. But hey maybe drinking some of the water alcohol mix might steady the hand hehehehe Sorry just couldn't resist it. Anyway it works for me hehehe. Good luck mate. Ed can probably help you with this one.


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      Your ears look good and you seem to have all the details right. Sharpening your tools is the thing that helps most for me. Or a different piece of wood! But I was wondering why all the realistic details for a caricature ear? Those are the kind of ears I carve for a large realistic bust, closer to life size, and it is easier to put all those details in. Most caricature ears I have seen are much simpler.
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        I especially like number 2 and number 5. But they are all good. Now, just need something peeking out of one of them.


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          Glenn, Thank you, Last time I had some of the alcohol, was about21 years ago, did enjoy it, but spent the night on a concrete buck with a roll of toilet paper for a pillow

          Mike, I certainly agree with you. I realize with caricatures you can get by with less detail, I don't you if you ever watch the show "The Big Bang Theory", I'm kind of like Sheldon on the show, if something is right I start getting all squiggly inside . What I try, notice try to do add to a realist object to make it into a caricature object. ?????

          Sappy, thank you, you're pulling my leg aren't you . that indeed would be the trick, something like a worm
          . . .JoeB


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            I’m liking number five.

            If the wood isn’t holding detail and I feel it is a wood issue not a tool or carver problem. I apply a quick coat of tung oil blotting away any excess. Almost all my project are going to get oiled as the first step in the finishing process anyway.

            How is your hand doing?
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              Ed, I'll try that. Thanks

              I took the stitches out Wed evening, the bruising is all but gone, but it is still a little tender, but improving each say
              . . .JoeB


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                Ed stopped carving today to say thanks for your suggestion "I apply a quick coat of tung oil blotting away any excess" I'm working on improving my eye carvings, which for the most mart are 1/2" wide. there has always been the flacking chipping problem, I'm telling you ALL, it works, try it.
                Again, thanks Ed for the Kean suggestion
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                . . .JoeB