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Trying a different type of bowl

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    Wow! Beautiful work. Thanks for posting your progress.


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      Hi Sappy
      Yeah giving me an unusual piece of wood to play with is like throwing a kid in a candy store with a blank cheque. There is always an eagerness to see the piece develop from what you have in your mind to a real thing and I always try to make the piece to exhibit the best qualities the wood has to offer. I sometimes just have to tell myself to put the tools down and walk away for a while, go have a coffee or something. It is sort of addictive in a way but one could have worse vises I guess hehehehehe. It gives me a lot of joy and that is all that matters.

      Hi Joe thanks buddy. Glad you enjoy the ride on my little projects. I like to post the steps I take so other guys can follow along and make a piece similar if they want to. I get a lot out of the forum so is good to give something back if you know what I mean.


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        Hi Guys
        Well she is finished!!!!!! Total time to complete 55 hours. Very happy with the outcome. It has ended up very much as I imagined it should once i had firmed up the idea in my mind.

        Whatys next?? Am thinking of going clean out of my comfort zone and Makinga coffee table/ Computor table. Have a nice piece of 60mm thick swamp kauri for the top And some 8inch X 8 inch kauri which could be carved into anomals for the legs.

        Am looking to make something really different so will need to spend a lot of time on the planning I think. Tghink what I have forming up in my mind will take months to make If I can pull it off at all. It will be ther most challenging thing I have attempted.

        Of course I might just chicken out and make a gunstock instead.

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          Hi Glenn, Time well spent and Beautiful results . Good Job Mate. Merle


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            Really worth the time and effort Glenn! That is a beautiful one of a kind bowl. Well done.
            We live in the land of the free because of the brave! Semper Fi


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              What a beauty you have created! A family heirloom for generations to come.


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                You call this finished∙∙∙∙Well I do! With some real finery, well-done regalia splendor
                . . .JoeB


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                  Hi Guys
                  Many thanks for the nice comments Gentlemen. Is always good to get feedback on stuff.

                  Have started researching the next project and i have decided to have a go at the Coffee table.It is forming up in the mind so need to find some wood for the edging of the top that is high density and carves well. I think this will take months to complete.

                  Will start getting the top sorted tomorrow. A lot of planing to uniform thickness to be done and edges to squared up. Just getting the top prepared to shape will take a day I think.

                  for the edging I hope to do carved animal panels in contrasting timber to the top that will be fixed to the sides of the top.

                  Legs will be carved bears climbing trees on 2 of them and the third leg will be a cub. Hope I can pull this off or a lot of expensive wood is going to have a bad day. The wood for the legs cost NZ $250 or US $179 was lucky to get it Kauri 8'x8' is as rare as hens teeth.

                  This will be a sharp learning curve and a lot of fun and or frustration depending on how it goes hehehe. Need to make a good job of this as only the best woods available in NZ are going into it. Time to start praying I think !!!!!!!


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                    No hill for this climber, Will be an interesting project to watch proceed
                    . . .JoeB


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                      Hi Glenn , sounds like a Good Challenge . Merle


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                        That bowl is a genuine piece of art!

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                          Hi Joe, Merle,
                          This is going to be a real tough one with lots of untried territory prevailing. But that's what it is all about. The challenge is like the carrot on a pole and string in front of the donkey. One just HAS to try for the carrot.

                          Hi Claude
                          Thank you for the kind words mate . Pallins work inspired this piece so I have him to thank for the idea. Cheers Glenn
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