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    Hi Sappy
    The legs will be made from 8 Inch by 8 inch kauri the top is 60mm thick and I will use flowering cherry to edge the top with .

    Hope I can manage to do the carving for the sides ok but that is a big question mark as I have never done animals before. I have difficulty with 3 D stuff. Shallow carving is ok but deep stuff. Who Knows.


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      Had a go at a fox today decided to keep it shallow so depth is only 3mm at the deepest part. The piece is 47mm X35 so fairly small.

      This is the first attempt at trying to carve an animal profile It is not great but will suffice I think once the background is done,

      Have got no show of getting the sort of finish Oleg does so have decided to just go with what I can do. Looks better in reality than the photos.

      Will cut back the background tomorrow and do a few leaves etc to frame it up a bit.

      What do you think should I just plane it flat and have another go at it?
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        Hi Glenn , I think you Nailed it, looks good to me . The Fox is what I'm going to try now , only Stylized . Hope it turns out 1/2 as good as yours . Merle


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          Great looking fox, doing a detailed burning that small is right down impressive!


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            After carving lots of deep color grain, I learned to test the color against the carving, meaning take a wet towel and wipe to make the color pop. The issue was at times that the grain was bolder than the carving making the carve almost disappear. If that happens you either have to go deeper or slightly stain or burn the area more to make the carving stand out. It appears to be safe what you did, but you may want to get it wet .to see the color and grain pattern next to it. Thought to perhaps to ponder.


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              Hi Merle
              Thanks mate. Good luck with your one. Bet it comes out just fine.

              Hi Sappy
              Thanks mate. I decided not to go too deep with the carving as I kind of lose it on deep 3 D stuff. Went just deep enough to give it some shape and used the pyrography to define the perception of depyh a bit. I think it has sort of worked ok.

              Hi Dileon
              You make a very good and valid point!!!!! I dont intend to burn the background carving and I think the blend will work ok. The burn on the animals will help define them and make them stand out. Pallins work has had a big influence on the stuff I do as he always manages to to make really interesting pieces with high contrast to make them really pop. so I am trying the same with the animal thing. Breaking new ground in what one does is always a bit scary but neat when and if it works.

              Got the background on the first piece done today. Put some methylatyed spirits on it to show the grain for the photo. total height 48mm width 60mm

              15 more to go to finish the edging.
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                Hi Guys,
                Well the first and smallest of the 4 panels I have to do to trim the edge of the swamp kauri slab is done!!

                I have found this incredibly difficult. The fox went sort of ok but the second carving was supposed to be a Lynx But I just couldn't get it to work. With carvings so small 1mm of wood taken off in the wrong spot and it all goes bad. At least it does when I try it.

                So was then stuck with the problem of turning it into something else.which fortunately went sort of ok. It took hours of playing around to get a save on it.

                I decided to burn the relief background carving to get more definition from it. I have given it a coat of sealer so that I can wash off any grubby handling marks that It might get before it gets fitted to the table top. Think it all sort of works ok.
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                  This is a real project you've set for yourself, but I believe it's going to be beautiful when finished. The animals you've done so far look great!

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                    GLENN,,, I quit .. You maka me feel bad!
                    Always hoping for a nice slice that won't need sanding!



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                      Well maybe not!
                      Always hoping for a nice slice that won't need sanding!



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                        Hi Claude
                        That link is hugely appreciated and will be getting much study. Many, many thanks mate!!!!!!!

                        Hi Chuck,
                        This is one piece of advice I have learnt that I hope you take to heart. You don't quit!!! Not on anything ever!!! If your still breathing then you keep right on trying. If I hadn't taken that advice I would be long dead. I survived by willpower alone.

                        So NOT "Maybe not" but "WILL NOT QUIT" is the only way to move forward. Attitude is everything. So I preffer the Maybe not of your two statements.

                        As for Making you feel bad. hehehee not intended . I see a lot of the guys work and think why do I even bother to pick up a chisel?? Then I look at what I have done that turned out ok and the enjoyment that that I got from achieving it and it was all worth every second of the trying. If at first you don't succeede try try again hehehe.