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Fancy carved coffee table

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    Hi Merle
    Thanks buddy.

    Made a bit more progress over the last couple of days. 3 more items to go on this piece.
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      Hi Mate, you really got the Realism working with the Hot Pen . Gona be a Great Piece of Eye Candy . Merle


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        Looking good, Glenn!

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          Hi Merle, Claude,
          Thanks Guys for the nice comments. I'm kind of into eye candy Merle so yipee ki yay if it all comes off ok. hehehe

          Greetings all
          Have completed the 3rd of the 5 pices to be done on this piece.

          I decided to have a go at the eagle that Dileon posted This will be the only bird on this project and is a tribute to all you guys from USA that have contributed to the making of this piece.

          2 years ago I wouldn't have thought that this was a possibility for me to achieve but by studying the work you do and taking on board the comments you make on different aspects of our craft It has become possible for me to enjoy this aspect of working with wood and for that I am truly thankful. I used a bit of colour on the beak and eye to lift the aesthetic appeal of the piece but haven't gone the whole hog and painted the rest white. I thought the white would be just a bit too far out of keeping with the rest of the piece.

          Comments on this are welcome!!!! as I am in 2 minds on it.

          I have taken one photos centre and one to left and right to try and show the depth. Is intersting how the eyes seem to follow you. hehehe.
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            Hi Mate. Darn good lookin Chicken . Ha,Ha. Your Hot Pen work is just Outstanding . Really looking forward in seeing it finished . Merle


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              Nice work Glenn. You are getting good at carving & burning all those critters.


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                Hi Merl, Joe,
                Thanks for the nice comments guys. Am really enjoying this part of the project.

                Hi Guys,
                Have finished the 4th of the 5 critters for this piece. This one was quite hard to figure out as the cheetah cub photo showed the cub as a ball of fluff with a couple of stripes and eyes.

                There was a quite a bit of "guesstimation" going on to define the levels and planes to exhibit the facial features while retaining the "fluffy Baby look."

                When carved the head looked way too wide and kind of flat. But it was as close as I could get it. The pyrography made the piece come to life with the darker areas defining the "look "as did the painting of the eyes. Was really interesting to do.

                I used 3 different heat settings on the razortip unit and altered the speed I worked at to give me variations on each setting. Looks to have worked out ok that way I think.
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                  Hi Guys
                  Finished the 5 critters on this piece just have to do the background now to frame them up a bit.
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                    Looking really good! You are choosing an interesting array of animals!


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                      Thanks Sappy It is a mix of the animals I like with what I think I can carve.


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                        Well done Glenn! They look great.
                        We live in the land of the free because of the brave! Semper Fi


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                          Hi Randy
                          Thanks for that, Am taking a few days off to give my eyes a bit of a rest. Things start getting a bit foggy by the end of the day now.


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                            these are very beautiful achievements, bravo


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                              Hi JJF
                              Thanks mate. Trying to get as good as your knife handle hehehe.

                              Hi Guys,
                              Well back on the tools. Decided with the longer side of the table to break it up a bit by putting a pyrography piece in the middle and carving on either side.

                              Had an issue with the Rhine trying to get detail. The required detail was too fine for my pyrography skills so I tried painting it which was also a dismal failure again because the detail needed to be so fine.

                              Also found painting it was killing the shape of the piece where I made shallow cuts for ribs and muscle etc

                              l Washed it all off and will leave it natural. Will do an elephant head on the other side of the pyrography piece to ballance it all up and carved pieces with pyrography at each end. I think that will add a bit of interest to this side and the eye should want to rove over the piece to see the individual pieces rather that trying to take the whole thing in at a glance.

                              3 more to go and the sides will be done. YAY!!
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                                Hi Glenn , Gona be a Masterpiece. Amazing Detailing . Merle