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Fancy handle Hunting knife made from microtome high carbon steel blade.

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  • Fancy handle Hunting knife made from microtome high carbon steel blade.

    Hi Guys
    Had a calamity when I coated the coffee table top and have to wait a few days for it to dry right out so I can sand it back down again.

    To fill the gap I decided to Make another hunting knife a bit shorter so that it will fit in my fanny pack (or bum bag depending where you come from.)

    Made it from a microtome blade which is super high quality high carbon steel. I ground it down to shape with the angle grinder holding it in my bare hand so I could feel any heat building up in it and quench it when required. Didn't get any colour showing on the steel so temper is intact.

    Finished honing it to shape on a linishing belt. Then polished down through the grades with wet and dry paper to 1000 grit. Final polish with solvol autosol.

    Wanted some real nice wood for the handle but my best high figure grain stuff was too thin for the job so I laminated it using epoxy glue.

    I set it up in the lath to drill the hole through the handle for the stainless steel rod to go through. The end cap screws onto that to hold it all together nice and tightly. It can also be pulled apart in a minute or so for repairs should it ever need any. Drilled it from both ends working on marked centres so the hole met up in the middle ( drill not long enough.) Worked a treat.

    Then just carved it to shape.

    Made the brass guard out of a bit of flat bar I had laying around and found a bit of silver to put on the end cap left over from a rifle butt plate I made a while ago. Just gives it a bit of eye candy factor.

    Pretty happy with it. I went for a nice contrast in colours and texture for the wood and metal components. Whole thing took two and a half days.

    Was going to put some fancy engraved silver in the walnut handle but decided the walnut was the real feature and it didn't need anything else. Sometimes less is more if you know what I mean.

    Can't wait to take her on her first hunt as soon as the covid lockdown comes off.

    Razor sharp and ready to go.
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    Wow Glenn, That is a beauty. I am sure it works as good as it looks.
    If I took the time to fix all my mistakes, I wouldn,t have time to make new ones.


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      Almost looks too good to use, will be in google looking for new words/things up What is the length of your blade?
      . . .JoeB


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        Hi Tom
        Thanks mate. She passes the paper cut test so she works ok hehe. This very fine grain high carbon steel. A metal file won't even touch it. It holds an edge like a good carving knife and just needs a few strops to bring the edge right back to sharp again. I got given enough old blades to make 14 knives. So far I have made 4.

        Hi Joe
        She WILL be going hunting hehehe. Blade length 113mm , width 31mm and overall length 220mm.


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          It is a beautiful knife. Hope you don’t mind I have a question. I don’t see a tang on that blade. Do you just weld the all thread to the blade?


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            Hi Mate, does your Talent never cease? Putting your Finger on the other side of the Blade when your Grinding it is an Old Trick to prevent the Metal from over heating . That's showing your age . Ha,Ha. Just thru it together while waiting for the Sealer to dry, Amazing . Beautiful piece of Art and Very Well Done . Merle


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              I agree with Merle. The variety of you skills is amazing. Another well done project.
              We live in the land of the free because of the brave! Semper Fi


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                Glenn, Very nice and make me want to get out the tools for another project. But I have to go to school first. That is amazing! Thanks for showing that piece of art!
                Always hoping for a nice slice that won't need sanding!



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                  Hi Ed
                  No welding required as the microtome blade comes with a threaded hole in each end of the blade for mounting them to the machines. The smaller ones take a 4mm threaded rod and the larger ones a 5mm rod. One just cuts the blade in half and you can get 2 knives out of a blade.

                  The back of the blade is inlet about 25 thou into the brass guard to prevent anything twisting under load. The wooden handle has a pin in it that slips into the brass guard to prevent the wood twisting. This locks the whole thing up solid. The end cap screws on and holds the whole knife together. It Can be field stripped with no tools required in less than a minute for cleaning.

                  Welding dissimilar metals can be a point of failure. The different shrink rates from the heat involved can cause a fracture in the weld. I sure wouldn't trust a weld on this steel Better to cut a tang in the blade but you would want it to be as thick as you could get it or you could snap the tang like a carrot. This is incredibly hard surgical steel. Threaded rod is way easier all round.

                  Hi Merle
                  Old age does have it's advantages my friend hehehe One does learn a few tricks along the way hehehehe I spent a few years doing light engineering fabrication and sheetmetal work so that gave me a bit of an understanding of working metal. That and rebuilding a couple of old cars that had a lot of rust in them. I rebuilt wheel arches. sills, door panels you name it. Bumped into a panel beater at a national park of all places. Got talking about the 64 Jaguar I had just done up. He couldn't see where I had been with the repair so I was well pleased hehehehe. Thanks for the nice comment mate.

                  Hi Randy
                  Thanks for the nice comment mate. Is a shame I don't have anyone to pass down what I have learned over the years. The youger ones don't seem to appreciate the satisfaction of having a vision and making it become a real thing with your own 2 hands no computer involved. Think they look on us as artists rather than just a guy messing about in his shed doing his own thing. They just don't know what they are missing. Still I can help the young guys on the forum so that is something positive.

                  Hi Chuck
                  Thanks for the nice comment. So hit the tools when schools out mate hehehehe. I hear where you are coming from. I see other peoples work and it inspires me to get out to the shed doing it. That is the beauty of this forum, it is a community of sharing life experience.
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                    Got some solvol autosol, order today, boy oh boy that must be some super metal the price they want for it. Sound like the knife will be around forever, It is a beauty.
                    . . .JoeB


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                      Hi Joe,
                      Solvol is brilliant metal polish But you need to sand down to 1000 grit before you apply it for a mirror finish.

                      The used microtome blades can be found on ebay for as little as US$33.60-$100 or I can ship you one for free if you don't mind paying the postage.


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                        Thanks for the info about sanding.
                        Thanks for the most gracious offer, but I'll be declining. I think it is for a style, larger thicker, knives I use anymore. and besides, I don't know if I would have the patience you have to work it down.
                        . . .JoeB


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                          Beautiful knife, Glenn!

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                            Hi Claude
                            Thanks you buddy. Hope you had a great thanksgiving break!!!!!


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                              That is one awesome looking knife!! You are very talented. Guessing you've also made some nice woodcarving knives.