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  • New member intro

    I had a really long intro written up and for some reason I can't post past the first few sentences of my post.

    So, I tried. I will try another browser.

    But I'm new here and wanted to say hi and introduce myself and show off a few of my in progress and finished pieces.

    At this point, I give up with trying to post.....too frustrated after multiple attempts and multiple "0 error" codes.

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    Well, I would say that I am a beginner mostly because I am an inconsistent carver. I belong to a carving club and have been with them for ooooohhhhhh 6 or so years now and before that was in a carving club in the previous city where I lived for at least five years. However, I have a tough time finishing things. Mostly I hate to sand


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      I don't get it...I followed the instructions on how to post pictures...thought it was going well. In the previews, everything is there and yet all I get is what is posted above. I continued my posting after the I hate to sand comment...

      Is this woodcarvings way of saying get over your dislike of sanding? Generally I can figure things out like web forums but I am clearly missing something here. I get a lot of weird errors when trying to look at page 2 of threads that go more than one page, trying to look at attached it a browser issue? Because I am on a computer and not a mobile device?

      I do tend to break computer things at this my computer juju continuing to forums now?

      Insert pulling hair out picture!!!!!!!!


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        Giving a single picture a try


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          Wow....I managed one picture...maybe I can figure out multiples? But why did all of my text just disappear?!?!?!?!?!?!


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            A few more....then I will worry about text later when I have more time....anyway...I'm new....wanted to say hi....clearly have technology issues to go with sanding issues....

            I have enjoyed reading the various tutorials and seeing what folk have been working on on this site. Quite a lot of talent here and quite a variety of projects (which I love)....

            I'll try a better introduction of who I am later....maybe I won't break the forum next time.


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              Hi Danibeth
              Wecome to the forum. Glad you managed to get the photo thing sorted out. The way I do it is to save the photos in jpeg format in my pictures folder then click on the upload attachments button that you see at the bottom of the post section, find the photo I want and double click on the photo and it will auto upload. I size then to 1500 pixels on the longest side of the photo. If the file size is too big it crashes the system. Hope this helps. Keep posting away buddy, is always great to see what other people are doing.

              Nice work on all of the projects.The decoy head looks awesome.

              Hey you need to get over the sanding thing hehehehehehehehe. I hate sanding as well BUT if you get a nice piece of high figure grain like burl or something similar the sanding down to 2000 grit makes the grain come alive like you just wouldn't believe. The finer you go the more of the grain pattern seems to emerge.

              Look forward to seeing more of your work. Happy Carving. Have a great xmas.


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                Welcome, Danibeth, and glad the pictures finally posted. Very nice work on a broad range of carvings. I don't sand, so no advice there.
                Living among knives and fire.



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                  Nice body of work. Welcome.
                  There's no rush here. We can get to know each other over time.
                  Lots of carving and the odd(?) picture to fill in the gaps. That's enough.

                  I did some sanding and found it to be somewhat useless for carvings.
                  It's a disappointment but I found several options.
                  All it can ever do is shred the wood surface.
                  I like to use X-coarse steel wool to cut off the fuzzies, after a coat of finish.

                  Carving in hardwoods, there is nothing that can match the cutting power of a cabinet scraper,
                  even the ones that I make for myself.
                  I like to make and I like the appearance of a textured surface of #3 and #5 shallow scalloped chip-outs.

                  Sandpapers up to 1500 grit are great for sharpening.
                  Brian T


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                    Thanks guys.

                    Brian, I'll give the steel wool thing a try. I do like sanding sealer for helping to get things extra smooth, but that's only after I have sanded the pieces where I think it's smooth to the touch.

                    I do also like the textured surface of shallow scalloped chip outs in certain pieces. I just have not mastered that form yet without extra deep gouges here and there that tend to drive me crazy.

                    So, a little more about me other than I am technologically challenged.

                    I came to carving because I wanted to carve my own decoys for duck hunting. I'm a bird hunter and got really interested in having my own decoys in my own rig. Especially after I was given a couple from other peoples' rigs. My first decoy was a little bufflehead made from glued together 2x4s that was shaped using my dads pneumatic sanding tools. Those were my main tools for quite a long time.

                    Eventually I found a dremel and found a great hunting partner that had also had a love of decoy carving, a foredom, as well as assorted hand tools and so another world of carving was opened up to me.

                    Since I am still mostly a beginner in my mind, I like carving with other folk...also because it is more fun than carving by myself. Although I am finding that easier in the evenings when watching my dog in the front yard run around pointing butterflies. Plus, I find that I learn so much more with other folk and the level to which I carve usually comes closer to the skill level of the people I carve with. The ruddy duck head above is an example of that.

                    But, I am mainly a bird hunter with an english setter and the two of us have wandering feet. We love to travel the country in search of new places to explore, new birds to point and new environments to enjoy (I love four seasons and I live in FL where four seasons are mainly just a dream).

                    I have been carving with a knife for about six years since the current carving club I am a member of meets in an art room that also hosts other forms of art classes. Oddly enough, the canvas oil painters take offense to sawdust in their works of art...go figure.

                    So, I have been learning to carve with different types of gouges and hand tools. I don't have many but the folk in the carving club are happy to share and let me try out different tools. This Christmas I treated myself as an early gift to a few new tools since I am going to be taking a relief carving class. It will be my first relief carving and I am looking forward to it. This is the rough out for it.

                    It will be an online class and the videos I have watched so far have been fascinating, but after watching them I am going to need to work on some sort of way to hold my piece steady so that I can work. I will have to figure that out soon since the class begins in January and it will likely involve a bigger board and clamps so I can work in the kitchen as I still don't have power to my workshed.

                    Anyway, thanks for the welcome. I look forward to being a member here. Maybe with other like minded folk to hang out with online, I'll be more inclined to work on my sanding and actually finish projects.


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                      Welcome to the forum Danibeth. Thanks for sharing your work.
                      We live in the land of the free because of the brave!


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                        Very nice work. Welcome aboard!


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                          Welcome to the forum


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                            Hi Danibeth, your Carvings show your Interest and Great Talent in this Wood Carving Hobby. They also show that you like to Challenge Yourself with different Projects and use your Imagination. Welcome , hope you stay and share this Great Hobby with us. M


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                              Danibeth, welcome to the site, those are some great woodcarvings, excellent job on the carvings.
                              Mark N. Akers
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