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  • Well didn't make it

    Got to a waiting point on doing my taxes, waiting for others to see me their tax info so I (retire, etc) finish up.

    In the meantime, one of my great-granddaughters made a request. Her name on a plaque.

    It is on a piece of cut-off I had got from a cabinet shop, It is wood for sure. 12" x3-1/2" x3/4".
    carved her name about 1/4" deep., filled the letters with Art & Glow Casting & Coating Expoxy Resin, I had added Fluorescent Dark Pigment Powder. Did some Lichtenburg Facture burn around the edges? finished with Watco Danish Oil~natural, and a final coat after 72 hours of Feed-N -Wax, two coats.

    The image is the one I sent Belinda for a spell check. The name is a tough one for me.

    Pam was getting ready to go to town, so I hurried up and got it ready to mail∙∙∙∙∙oops forgot to get the finished pictures, oh well have to go with the spell check picture, no oil or wax

    C&Cs, looking forward to reading.
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    . . .JoeB

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    Who’s the best Great Grandpa ever? That would be you Joe.


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      Looks great joe. You are way braver than me messing with high voltage burns. That is on my NOT to do list hehehehe.


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        I agree with Glenn on both counts: well done, and my pacemaker would not like me to be around high voltages....

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          Taxes can wait. Grandkids are much more important!


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            Hi Joe , she'll Love It. Unique Idea and well done. Merle


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              cool, Joe, she is going to love it


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                Ed, Thank You, she has a bunch, so I don't know about that

                Glenn, Thank You, I built my fracturing unit out of three different transformers so that could have three different strengths of power when burning the patterns, and I use two different electrolytes, baking soda & borax, for different effects. I don't hang to the probes when the current is on, & keep your mind in the game. it is kind of fun

                Claude, Thank You, sorry have to miss the fun

                Eddy, Thank You, I agree

                Merle, Thank You

                Herb, Thank You

                Not much carving was involved, just wanted to show that I was scotch'n

                . . .JoeB


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                  Joe. your comment "keep your mind in the game" was enough to let me know I shouldn't mess with that burning!

                  You did a nice job on the plaque, very attractive!


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                    Arthur, Thanks Yoy, you just have to get the first little tingle & it keeps you focused.
                    . . .JoeB