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  • Louie

    The community we live in is about 2-3 mile east of Sparks, Nv & there is just a little over 400 homes here. we moved here in '92 & have never considered anything else. There is a gentleman who lives out here that on three occasions, without us asking has come in and ranked out front yard, cleaned the flower beds and bagged everything, even came on trash day to make sure the trash bags get to the curb.
    I just how of you have a fellow like this in your community?

    I saw what I thought was a picture of him on our locate webs site, so I decided to carve it for him. when I got it carved and the background painted I gave him a call. I didn't know if he would like just oiled or painted.

    He stopped by and seem to be very delighted, it wasn't a picture of him but of someone who was in a movie in '89-'90 & I can't remember the person's name, but boy they look alike.

    He says it is his logo and the caving I made for him will go on his scheduling board in his garage.

    4x5x1" basswood, acrylic paints, use only the tannins solution for background, antiqued and Feed-N Wax. C&C welcomed.
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    . . .JoeB

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    Great carving and charming story.


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      Another great carving Joe. I lover the Reno area, lived there in the early to mid 70’s. I had plan to move back for good. But like the say life is what happens when you making plans!
      We live in the land of the free because of the brave! Semper Fi


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        Very nice gift for a very nice neighbor You are the man, Joe!


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          Very thoughtful and well carved gift.


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            Nice job! I'm sure that he appreciated even more than he was able to express. I've found that for a lot of folks it takes them awhile to fully understand and appreciate a gift carving. I gave my caricature of our bug man to him the other day and at the time all he said was what anyone would say, "Thank you." However, I watched him unwrap it in his truck and thoroughly look it over. The next day I received a very nice email from him with a picture of it sitting on his desk. I'm sure that it was much the same with your friend.


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              A nice thing to do for a nice neighbor! You might of started something!


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                I did for my Neighbor about 10 yrs.ago. She would get up with the Birds and bring our Garbage Can Back from the Curb, I tried to get her to take it out but that didn't work . Ha,Ha. I would give her a Carving around Christmas and tell her it wasn't for Christmas but for bringing back the Garbage Can . She has about 10 Carvings and brings them out at Christmas time to Display. In Fact I have a Carving laying on the Dining Room Table to give to now. It's a Nice way to say Thank You.
                Hey , Joe, this is your Best Carving so far , Great Piece of work . Merle


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                  Joe, you're getting very good at the mini-portrait relief carvings. As unexpected gifts they must make a good impression.


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                    Ed, Thank you

                    Randy, Thank you, too bad you didn't make it back we could get together and make the chips

                    Herb, Thank you

                    JB, Thank you

                    Eddy, Thank you, Got it painted and gave him a call to come to get it. He seemed to be pleased when I show him and it was just background, we'll see now that it is painted

                    Sappy, Thank you, Oh I don't think so, it is a small community with an average mix of people, some nice, some ok and some you wish would move, but they probably feel the same towards you.....

                    Merle, Thank you, I always feel a little funny giving someone something that I've done, no one will say " what a great fire starter" but I wonder what they are really thinking?????????

                    Paul, Thank you, Mini is about all the room I've got to carve in

                    Thanks to you all for your considerate comments.

                    I might add that getting used to the new knife holders is taking a little bit to get used to, so used to just laying a knife down and grabbing another, but at least I don't have to worry about knocking one-off and sticking it in my foot
                    . . .JoeB


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                      Originally posted by joepaulbutler View Post

                      I might add that getting used to the new knife holders is taking a little bit to get used to, so used to just laying a knife down and grabbing another, but at least I don't have to worry about knocking one-off and sticking it in my foot
                      Very nice carving, Joe!

                      Just a thought, one could take a piece of 1 x 2 x whatever long, glue some rare-earth magnets to it, so when you lay a knife down, it's one one of the magnets. Could also hole a few gouges that you are using so they don't roll off either.

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                        Thanks, Claude
                        Yes, I have them, and they help, it is just going to take a while of being less cluttered I've mounted one of the 12" strips that you see for holding kitchen knives on each side of the carving area, as a matter of fact, I've got so many magnets that I have to demagnetize my bits and knives ever once in a while, they do help!
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                          Such great expression, Joe! What a wonderful (and nice) gift.
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                            Thank you, Jersey Gal, He has yet to pick up so not sure what his final reaction will be
                            . . .JoeB


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                              Hi Joe
                              Another NICE JOB MATE !!!! Very cool gesture mate. You are in real danger of being rated as one helluva nice guy, hehehe