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  • Just Carving #37

    Nothing new here except the wood is 9-1/2 x 4 x 1" same backgrounding painting and finishing.

    C&Cs are always welcome
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    . . .JoeB

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    Really Cool Joe!


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      He looks like I feel after watching the nightly news. Another wonderful caricatures Joe.
      We live in the land of the free because of the brave! Semper Fi


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        Really like the expression, Joe!
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          Hi, Joe, Likeable and Pitiful looking Guy. He is definitely for the Wall , not the Box. Good Job . Merle


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            Nice work Joe.


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              That another definate keeper Joe. Great job buddy.


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                Excellent job on the carving and painting Joe.
                Mark N. Akers
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                  Sorry for the long time to reply, Had to get the shots in the eyeballs, and the sited was down. I know excuses, excuses but anyway.........

                  Herb, Thank you

                  Randy, Thank you, or just pulled up to the gas pump for the first time in six weeks

                  Jersey Girl, Thank you,

                  Merle, Thank you, So far no comment from the in-house critic

                  Anders, Thank you

                  Glen, Thank you

                  Mark, Thank you

                  Got a message from a lady in our community wanting me to do one of her and her husband for his sixth birthday, Hummmmm
                  . . .JoeB


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                    Hi, Joe, Good Challenge, I think you should take her up on it . Merle


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                      I wish I could find a computer program that would run on Windows 7- home-premium that would allow me to do some picture distortions. She sent a picture of her and Carl, but I think she wants and caracture-type carving.
                      . . .JoeB


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                        Photoshop will do it. It's expensive, so I bought the Photoshop Elements.



                        I added ripples to his beard, widened his nose, and made a peak on his hat.

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                          Thanks Claude, will look into that.
                          . . .JoeB


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                            just FYI: PS Elements will do most everything the big-bore PS will do.
                            I haven't used Elements for a while, been using the cloud version for my photography, but Elements is a good program, affordable, and for us carvers a great alternative!


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                              Hi, so nearly a year after joining ( and many things taking up my time, and various disruptions ), I have finally worked out how to be able to see all the images posted here, so I logged in again.I'm catching up by reading past threads ( in all topics ) for a couple of hours each night here in France. I've been reading a few of the current threads too, and came across this one.

                              If I may make a suggestion for software that can be used for distortion of portrait photos to help with caricatures.

                              ( IMO - IME ,Photoshop is "expensive overkill" even for the majority of professional artists, and worse still, now is subscription. Elements is still relatively expensive. )

                              If you are on windows or mac, you might try a software called affinity *( it is a "one off" payment to get it - no subscription ) and there is a version which works on ipads too. It has a "liquify" tooI like photoshop. There are tutorials on its use in various places on the web, even a few youtube "tutos". Apparently you can download a trial version ( free ) of it to see if it will do what you need, and if you can get on with it.

                              From what I hear, from friends ( pro artists and hobbyists ) who use it, it will do most of what photoshop will do, some pro artists use it along with Krita and Inkscape, and a few other free, open source softwares for manipulating images and photos. More on that for another thread sometime ,in OT maybe.

                              I run 14 computers ( long story ) here ( if I include my sons machines ) ( artwork and design is how we each make our living, I'm getting back into sculpture after a hiatus ) we have a mix of desktops , laptops and some tablets and phones. Eleven of them run variants of linux , three run windows ( but the windows ones are not connected to the internet, ever, life is too short to let windows talk to the outside ).

                              We run GIMP , Krita and Inkscape for graphical and photo work. I have a full set of photoshop etc , but stopped using them when they went subscription.We haven't fired up any Adobe software in around 5 years or so.We are FOSS by preference.

                              GIMP 2.10 has a "warp tool", which will also work to liquify photos for caricature etc like photoshop..and GIMP is free ( as in beer ) and open source..Again there are various tutorials on the web for how to use GIMP 2.10 to liquify photos and images.
                              Search for affinity ...or How to use GIMP to liquify.

                              * I've deliberately not linked directly to affinity, nor even to GIMP, I would hate for anyone to think that I was spamming ( I have absolutely no connection with affinity, I suggest it because GIMP can be a bit awkward in its interface, even when you are used to it ) so I didn't link out to either.

                              Btw..If a mod reads this and would like to PM me ..( Claude tried to help me out via PM back in 20 ) an answer to a question.."how does one report spam here ?" is it the "flag" button ?

                              I hope my two suggestions are of use to somone

                              Another software which may be of use to some would be autodesk sketchbook pro used to be a "paid for" in the "pro" version , then they made it free, it also works on android ( and it has no ads ) great for sketching on phones and tablets, with built in effects for photos, I think one of them is a liquify filter, my phones are on "overnight" slow charge at the moment ( 01.00 hrs here as I type ) otherwise I'd check to confirm that now. The desktop version of sketchbook disappeared from almost everywhere but I think that you can still find it on Cnet.

                              My apologies for somewhat "hi-jacking" this thread, but I thought the information might be useful..

                              HTH ..M