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  • Just Carving #41

    Wow, what a hectic two weeks. Started off with the shots to the eyeball, home to listen to TV. Then the printer will not print new cartilages, it tells me it won't HP cartridge, that's what you have, dummy. fiddle around a couple of days, though in the towel & order another one. By then my iPhone had given up on me. I know I'm getting older and not as sharp as I should be, but between the small print and just navigating the menu to get set up took way too much time. Allin all I didn't pick a knife for two weeks, and you talk about carver shakes. But anyway got back to settling down yesterday and painted today.

    4 x6x.75 basswood, background with Watco Natural Danish Oil, acrylic paints & Fee-N-Wax.

    Pam told me to put a wire on the back cause this is a "hanger", not a "boxer"

    As always C&Cs are looked forward to
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    . . .JoeB

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    Nicely done.


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      Nice job Joe. You are going to run out of wall space!


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        Hi Joe, like your boxer. The ears are great and you got the skin colour perfect.


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          Hi Joe
          Think pams right mate. Another nice one.


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            Dang, Joe, you had a rough time! Glad you're back carving your characters...another interesting one here, well done.


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              Hi,Joe, Boy our Week was running close to the same. Shot in Eye, Printer not hearing Computer and won't Print, Alexa takes my Requests for Music but doesn't do anything ,other than that I'm having a Great Week . Ha,Ha.
              Great Detailing on your Character, Definitely for Wall not Box. Merle


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                Hang in there Joe ain’t no hill for a climber.


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                  Joe, Glad to see that you are back to DOING.. That Boxer is certainly a grabber for me really like the finsh... And my o my, Your items of distress sound a bit like mine, of which I won't detail. (not enough room here)

                  I think too that we all need a breather once in a while// BUT not to the DR's..
                  Bears are doing Ok and say HI to Pam,,.
                  Chuck .

                  Always hoping for a nice slice that won't need sanding!



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                    Glad to see you are back In Business, Joe!


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                      Rodster, Thanks

                      Anders, Thanks, That has already happened, she got the ones she wants to put up stored on the counter

                      Yolli, Thanks, It is actually going to be a hanger, I think the ears are the best I've done, they are so small it is hard for me to get the wood to hold the detail That I would like. Tried something a little different from what I usually do with painting. I always spray the wood with some water before painting. Then dip the brush into water then the paint and apply it to the wood, but this time I would blot it as soon as I put the brush down, Slower, but like the results?????

                      Glenn, Thanks

                      Arthur, Thanks,

                      Merle, Thanks

                      Ed, Thanks

                      Chuck, Thanks

                      Herb, Thanks

                      It helped clear the air, going strong again
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                      . . .JoeB


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                        Pam was right Joe. Well done!
                        We live in the land of the free because of the brave! Semper Fi


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                          Thanks, Randy
                          . . .JoeB


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                            Very nice Joe, and I afgree with pam, definily a hanger, great job.
                            Mark N. Akers
                            My Etsy Store:


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                              Thanks, Mark, you can't(if your smart) argue with the wive
                              . . .JoeB