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What's the difference between a white penguin and a black penguin?

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  • What's the difference between a white penguin and a black penguin?

    What's the difference between a white penguin and a black penguin?
    White penguins are walking towards you and black ones are walking away.

    My wife, on top of having RA also has osteoporosis and requires an expensive shot every 6-months. Now the insurance company and their contracted mailout pharmacy hate to have to pay for this even though we have a plan that covers it. That means that every six months it almost takes an act of Congress to get them coordinated to ship the drug to my wife's physician. And it also puts a tremendous burden on my wife's physician's nurse to call the pharmacy to provide authorization from the physician, and to ensure that it reaches their office in time for my wife's appointment. So we've already given one of my nurse bears to the physician's nurse and the last time we saw her I asked if there was anything else that I could carve her that she would like. She was very noncommital but did say that she loved handmade items.

    My wife has an appointment next week to bring that nurse the paper work that she needs to set things up for the next injection. I just finished this pair of Penguins for my wife to take into her. We hope that she'll like them.

    In closing, I'll tell you another penguin joke but It won't fly!

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    Nice gesture, Eddy, and am sure she will appreciate it. Nice looking pair.
    Living among knives and fire.


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      Hi, Eddy, Got your Imagination working with good results. I'm sure they will be Appreciated. Merle


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        That's awesome! The bitter old grouches seemed to be getting my physical therapist down the previous visit, so I made him a basic little PT guy and gave it to him after my final appointment on Wednesday. Great minds... ;-)



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          Those are really cute Eddy, Fine gift!!


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            Nice penguins that I'm sure the nurse will love!!
            Penguins are fun to carve; I have a small huddle of them.


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              Eddy, great way to say thanks.


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                I could say you got a couple of rotten eggs there Eddy! But the carvings are fly!



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                  That’s a really nice thing to do. So many are quick to point out to people when they are disappointed, but few say a word when they are pleased. I’m sure your wife’s nurse, and morrow7x’s PT will be delighted!


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                    Great little carvings from both of you!

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