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W'sIP - one at a time, if you please !

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  • W'sIP - one at a time, if you please !

    Years ago, learning the hard way, I found that I was better off seeing a project through from start to finish, before starting another. It may work for some but not for me.
    Enthused with a new year of carving coming up, sometime back in Dec. I decided I'd try doing some multiple carvings again to see if I could handle it any differently. By now, I have learned that I couldn't. I've kind of lost my initial enthusiasm by not seeing each through first. So now I have to psych myself up and get each one finished.
    As you can see by the pictures, these projects are in various stages of completion. I will finish each but never again will I not start start one before finishing another.
    Has anyone else experienced this ?

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    Re: W'sIP - one at a time, if you please !

    WOW Carvinman, them's some fine lookin carvins. I'd sure be anxcious to get r done if'n I was you, they're great, hope you post again when we can see them more clearly, sure like the buffalo in front.


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      Re: W'sIP - one at a time, if you please !

      Hey Mike, I can sympathize with you. You have very good projects going there, and it easy for the enthusiasm to slip away when another carving gets under way. My problem comes when I'm carving a bird and I get an order for a carving, I feel obligated to start that one, while my own project sits. Then my carving class has birds and I'm carving the project with them, so sometimes end up with three or four birds on the go. It is difficult to do, and better accomplished for me to carve one bird finish, and go on to the next. Usually ends up being a better job.


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        Re: W'sIP - one at a time, if you please !

        I happen to be the type who likes multiple projects at the same time. Same as how I read,,5 books at a time. In either situation I don't loose track and can pick up either as if I was just reading/carving it just moments ago.I just look at it and my mind gets flooded with all the ideas I had about it even if it was weeks or even months ago I last touched it.
        This "ability" has proven helpful to me so many times. I can shift gears in an instant with clients,,carvings,,questions,,whatever.I'm not so attached to something at the sacrifice of other things.Yet whatever I need is there in an instant. Like anyone else,,it's just my way of handling things.


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          Re: W'sIP - one at a time, if you please !

          I feel the same way. I find I cannot work on more than one carving at a time. I will finish one before I start another. I do the same thing when I am finishing, I only paint one at a time. I think it has to do with concentrating completely on getting a project done to the best of my ability without adding any distractions!
          Jim OH


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            Re: W'sIP - one at a time, if you please !

            Hey Carvnman,
            I really enjoyed your post gives encougement to us newbies. I have a Bufflo
            started from a roughout It's a replacement gift that got stolen at a fair. I hope to post so progress in a couple of days.


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              Re: W'sIP - one at a time, if you please !

              Beautiful carving starts!!!! Now, in my experience, I would put everyone of them in a big cardboard box with a lid. Mark the box as current projects and then store it under the carving bench.

              When I was ready to work on something I would close my eyes, put my hand in the box and take out the first one I touched. No cheating ...

              Otherwise I would drive myself crazy trying to chose which to work on tonight and then second guess myself with thinking about what I need to do on all of the others instead of paying attention to what was in my hand.

              I can sometimes multi-task so well that I accomplish nothing concrete on any one thing. That might be your problem with that wonderful pile of 'almost dones'.


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                Re: W'sIP - one at a time, if you please !

                I couldn't tell you how many projects I have going at any given time.
                It keeps me from getting bored with any one task, step or project and always keeps carving fun and challenging.

                Having said that, it does make finishing a piece rather elusive though! :-)

                I can't imagine myslef working on just one piece at a time, but I realize that people carve for different reasons and in different ways...just like fishing!

                All the best,



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                  Re: W'sIP - one at a time, if you please !

                  Smile Hi Mike, looks like you have a nice grouping of carvings at different stages. As times permits you will complete them all at some point. I do know what you are saying about having multi-carvings in various stages. Feeling like you should have completed one before starting another. Sometimes I feel the same way. But there is just something in my personality that won't let me work on just one at a time. LOL
                  I usually always have two or three projects going at the same time. If I get bored or stumped with one carving I just go onto the next. Usually, when I go back to the stumped carving I can figure it out. I get a got of help and encouragment from my fellow carvers here at WCI. I figure that by having carvings at various stages by the time I get back to one or the other my skills will have improved. Whew long sentence LOL
                  Thumbs Up All in all, how we carve is an individual choice and if it works to begin and end one carving at a time then that is what one should do.
                  Thank you for this discussion,


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                    Re: W'sIP - one at a time, if you please !

                    hi mike, so nice bunch of carvings... i have same expereince, i can best work on one piece at a time, until it is finished... i tried severyl times to do more than one like have one carving in early state, another in middle and another close to sounds so right, but it now works for soon as i think of the next one, the one i am working on i loose totally interst, and it is very hard to complete...

                    yes, al people are different, and it is important to feel your way, and then go it. so, just one project on a time for you, it seems, just like is good for me :-) ... btw, love that horse you carved, and given that is a calculator, all your carvings are so small. very nice. they are beautiful :-)