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Cowboy "Looking For Strays"

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  • Cowboy "Looking For Strays"

    I guess it started a few years ago when I was at the Dayton AIW show. They featured Lynn Doughty and his western carvings. I was totally hooked when I seen his old Camp Cooks, and cowboys. Amazing detail that I had never seen before. On this cowboy I still need to finish the head, paint it, and make the base. The cowboy less the base will be about 12” tall when finished. He will have a lantern in his right hand and a rope in his left and a gun and holster on his right side. All suggestions are welcome. Thanks for looking…Myron

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    Re: Cowboy "Looking For Strays"

    Hi Myron,
    Looking good so far. I can see a little of Lynn's influence in the carving. I'm betting he is going to finish up great!
    Jim OH


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      Re: Cowboy "Looking For Strays"

      Myron he sure lookin good so far, the lines I see, are they wood burned? Just curious.


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        Re: Cowboy "Looking For Strays"

        ole country boy ?? You just might be an ole cowboy myron. Very nice carving and great details .


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          Re: Cowboy "Looking For Strays"

          Thanks so much To all. Yes Jim, I have lots of reference pictures of Lynn's carvings. I think I have studied them more then I did any class work in school.
          Cliff, I do use a wood burner to outline the detail. It makes painting a little easier for me.
          Hobo, Thanks so much, I do appreciate that.