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  • couple

    I've been learning allot so it's been going slooowly but I think I have come up with a finish that I like. Her dress will be off white with the grain showing thru as shown in the block next to carving.

    Pardon the dirty carving. Not sure how it's gotten so messy. I need to do a better job keeping it clean.

    - Marty

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    Re: couple

    I really like this carving. Its got alot of feeling in it. Please do post it again when your done painting it. I'd love to see it.

    Thank you for sharing, you've done a beautiful job on it.


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      Re: couple

      beautiful, full of sentiment, i love it :-) ... nice how you softly indicated features, like the pocket on his jacket, or the fold in the trousers, enough to let fill fantasy in... very nice indeed...
      your question why it became so dirty ... maybe you hold it in your hand while carving ? handgrease is always there, and if you carve long time, and hold carving in one hand, that grease goes on the carving, turning it black eventually. or did you fixed the carving, but touched it very often ? ... what i do is, fixing the carving, plus wash my hands very often, and wash hands always after sharpening and stropping. this way my carvings stay clean.
      i hope you will show the painted version too, i like the pale white you have cosen for her dress... thanks for sharing, a difficult job well done


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        Re: couple

        Marty, a picture tells a thousand words and you sure speak volumes with that carving. At my age it brings back so many memories of days gone by. You sure captured a moment. Too bad it wasn't done in some exotic wood where it could be just waxed and polished, how ever you finish it I'm sure it will still be a wonderful carving. Well done and thanks for showing, please post when completed.


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          Re: couple


          What wonderful job you're doing on the carving of the couple! It really captured the moment! Not to worry about the dirt on the wood--it happens. If you want, you can take some dishwashing detergent like Dawn and a stiff bristle brush and wash away the dirt. A old carpenter showed me how he uses alcohol to clean away dirt, pencil marks, etc. OR, just leave it until you're ready to do the final sanding.

          Bob L


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            Re: couple

            Nicely done! Expresses a depth of feeling and a quiet look of motion. Looking good!!!

            Before they slip me over the standing part of the fore sheet, let them pipe: "Up Spirits" one more time.


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              Re: couple

              Thanks a bunch folks! I know you folks are great carvers I have seen your work so thanks for being so generous with your compliments.

              This piece of basswood is horrible even with spraying it with 50/50 alcohol/water. I've made 2 pretty big mistakes but have covered them up fairly well. Other than that it's really been enjoyable.

              I think I'm going for a contemporary look and will leave the hands and faces blank so those who look at the piece can put themselves in the moment. But not sure on that yet.



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                Re: couple

                Marty this is a beautiful piece just the way it is , I can not see anything to change even the faces, they speak .I don;t even know if I would paint it????


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                  Re: couple

                  great carving,don't worry about it being dirty i alway wash mine down with simple green and paint it wet.It cleans them up real nice.
                  Mark N. Akers
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                    Re: couple

                    Your carving is one of my very favorites that I have ever seen on this board.
                    It simply appeals to me. Wonderful carving.


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                      Re: couple

                      Wow Thor thanks so much! Youve been around this board for quit some time so thanks for the remark.


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                        Re: couple

                        Marty, like tucker said you stir up some memories, tug the heart a little, thanks for reminding me i am not yet dead,
                        for got the reason you posted it, dirt, sorry got to go back and look again,
                        for posting this work,