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organ medallions

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    Re: organ medallions

    Very cool.
    Thank you, as always, for the look into this world.



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      Re: organ medallions

      ah, i would love try carving these brackets too ! can so much understand you, ..but you would need a bigger shop for all putin in .... the medalions came out great, love the one where you cnaged the seign in particular. might try do a similar, i want have some "advertising" piece...yes, the flyer came out great. i was thinkng, even though your medalions are only on top and bbottom, my eyes keep going there, somehow the design is made it is just this way...neat :-)


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        Re: organ medallions

        I thought this was over with,,nope. Never dawned on me that the donor of the organ,,known as the Koop organ ,,is none other than Dr.C Everett Koop ,former Surgeon General of the U.S.. He donated the organ in memory of his late wife.
        Now by invitation I've been asked to attend the opening unveiling and recital being that I am the person responsible for the "....Hand carved quarter sawn white oak Medallions...a special feature..." and hopefully meet the Doctor.
        Didn't have a clue,,,funny how things turn out and who I ultimately end up working for. I think it's pretty cool!


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          Re: organ medallions

          Very cool how life can surprise you with those kinds of twists isn't it? Congratulations!