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    Re: lady with turban

    thank you very much :-) you are all way too generous :-) ... but that is of course so nice to hear :-)
    patrick, hmm, i dont know if i have developed a style already, to me my carvings are still very much exploring, more that than anything else...but maybe you can see already, what i cannot... :-)
    joy, "strong matriarch", yes i like that interpretation :-)
    doc, yes very small changes make all the difference, that is why doing portraits is so very interesting... there is a nice, very educational, experiment you can make : take a foto of yourself, nice front view foto, and bring it into an image editing program like photoshop. select, say the right half of face, copy it, paste into new layer, flip it horizontally, and move over the leftside of you got a new face, made from your own right half face... you will be amazed how strange you now look, ... save the image, and repeat with the left half of face... another stranger appears, who nevertheless has a lot in common with you... now look both together, is fun is it not ? ... oh, yes, you are right, on fotos often problems reveal,,,that is one reason why i love to share my work here, it is also control for my own :-)
    ah, carl, that is so nice to say, thank you. but no, she is not a carbon copy, in fact, i thought i have done much better portraits than this one...but again thanks, i appreciate your words.