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Wood Canvas Canoe Question

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  • Wood Canvas Canoe Question

    Well i found Canvas cedar canoe for restoration in my home town. i got it for song .. Its a beautiful canoe but its in very ruff shape. i have always wanted one and never thought of even trying to restore one before..From what i hear its a lengthy process and a labour of love,, Well my question is has any here ever restored a wooden canoe before? Because some of the planking will need to be replaced forsure.. I have looked everywhere for cedar planking with no success.So im going to have probly plane some cedar to size..Yikes i should have not taking on this project.

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    Re: Wood Canvas Canoe Question

    Where do you live?


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      Re: Wood Canvas Canoe Question

      You might want to check out the Wood Canoe Heritage Association. We went to one of their regional meetings at the Oregon Coast a few years back. They have some mighty skilled folks as members. Here's a link to their website.

      About the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association