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  • My latest creation

    Continuing to learn (albeit slowly) about carving, last week I sketched a snowman on a 4" x 2" piece of basswood--about 3/4" thick. It took me a while to rough out the shape. Cutting across that end grain is tough!

    Anyway, here's my snowman tree ornament. I'm pretty happy with it, although there are some obvious mistakes. Painted, it should look pretty good.

    I just got back from Michael's, where I picked up a package of 12 different acrylic colors, some brushes, and a bottle of clear gesso. Time to start experimenting with painting. This should be interesting, as I've never painted a thing before in my life.

    I think my next project is Cyndi Joslyn's Snowman. Although I'll probably scale it down to 3".

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    Re: My latest creation

    Nice snowman Jim; but be warned carving these things can and will be additive By the way that paticular ornament also makes a nice fridge magnet
    Thanks for posting
    If you're looking for me, you'll find me in a pile of wood chips somewhere...


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      Re: My latest creation

      Your carving is super, and go to the painting tech. thread and you can get lots of good advice.
      Thanks for sharring.


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        Re: My latest creation

        Nice work Jim, looks like your off to a great start Thumbs Up .


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          Re: My latest creation

          Good Job! He's a cute little guy.


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            Re: My latest creation

            Thanks for the encouraging comments. Did I inadvertantly copy somebody's pattern? I guess I'm not surprised. I've looked at a lot of carving sites lately.

            Soggy: yes, carving is becoming rather addictive. It's grabbed my attention like nothing else has in quite some time. A refrigerator magnet? Interesting idea.

            cannuck: I've spent quite some time reading threads in the painting section. I have more information now than I can possibly use without first experimenting. So tonight I'll get started on that.

            I really like this forum. Y'all are very helpful and encouraging, and I see so many great examples of carving and interesting patterns. And I've learned a lot about different techniques from reading comments and visiting recommended sites.

            Okay, off to get started. I'm going to try to make a Christmas gift for each of my family (8 different carvings). At my current rate, I have just enough time ...