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  • Tom-H
    Re: You Dirty Rat You...

    Well Eddy, when I read the post title I thought, gangster. When I opened the post and saw the photo, I tried to relate "you dirty rat", gangster, to bears. So I must have seen them as bears not rats. They are diffently bears. And fun little bears at that, and well carved too...

    Tom H

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  • Eddy-Smiles
    started a topic You Dirty Rat You...

    You Dirty Rat You...

    Mama says these look more like rats than bears! I say it's just been a rough winter and the pickin's in the forest are slim! These are my attempts at Clifford the Potbellied Bear by Jerry Reinhardt which appeared in another publication not to be named herein. His project was on a 3" x 3" x 7-1/4" piece of wood. I used 2" x 2" x 4-3/4" pieces of basswood and very quickly ran out of room for detail. It's finished with an acrylic wash and sealed with a mixture of water based old age varnish and matte polyurethane.